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I Support Percy Harvin for He1sman!!!

Posted on: May 16, 2008

Percy Harvin v. Tenn. From gatorcountry.comI’m going to make it official. I am endorsing Percy Harvin for Heisman. I know it’s too soon, but I believe he has a chance to make it this year. A lot of people think that he doesn’t have a chance because he was unable to stay healthy his last 2 seasons, but this season may be different. He has had surgery on his heel, and according to he is finally off crutches!!!(he had surgery I believe late March, early April)

He’s fast, I know he’s fast. I’ve seen him run. Trust, my high school used to play against him, and during that time I football team already sucked, but he and his team made it looked like a NFL team playing a Pop Warner team. He and Damon McDaniels would run through us like it won’t nothing! I always loved watching him play, or watching his highlights on the news every Friday night.

He’s vesitile, he can play any position, right now he is playing Running Back. I don’t know when he went from Wide Receiver to Running Back,I just woke up one morning and he had RB by his name. Well that would be fitting since they always compare him to Reggie Bush.

So yeah, Percy gets my vote. The sexy caramel skinned boy man from Va. Beach. One of his friend been tryin to holla at me for a while now, but that’s off the subject. He is a great athlete and he deserves it, so yeah, I’m making it official as of today, right now….PERCY FOR HE1SMAN!!!!
Check out this video to see him in action…


1 Response to "I Support Percy Harvin for He1sman!!!"

he doesn’t play enough games

he’s always injured

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