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December 31, 2009. The end of the year, the end of a decade. A decade I lived through, laughed through, cried through. A decade that made me a better me. I learned so much about myself, but I’m still confused about a few things.

The decade started with my father getting married to the lady I now know as my step mother. I lived in 2 different worlds during this time. One being the conservative, typical Christian family. Church every sunday, waking up early for Sunday school, church functions, etc. When I wasn’t in church I was spending most my time with my Grandparents, who were more like my actual parents. I was closed off from the world and stayed in that little house in Cavalier Manor, until I was like 14 or 15 when I got my bike and started riding it around the neighborhood. My first boyfriend lived across the street from Waters Middle School, but my first love lived down the street from me. He was 18, and I was 15. My dad met him and never let me leave the house again, but he worked near my cousin’s hair salon, where I was a receptionist, so I saw him on my lunch break every Saturday. I was so in love with him until I got a text message from another girl saying the she was pregnant with his baby.

My other life was filled with partying. Actually from the age of 8 until 14 my life was literally a never-ending party. My mom and her boyfriend, who I refer to as my stepdad because he basically raised me, partied every night. I remember walking downstairs to go to school and seeing about a dozen people pasted out in my family room. The regulars were like family to me,and most of them were the same age as my sisters so my mom was like a mother to them. This is the reason why I have so many “brothers”. None of them are blood related, but they call my mother “mom”. I also have tons of “uncles”, “aunts”, and “cousins”  because of these parties. Literally Monday through Sunday you would hear Go go music blasting from my house starting as early as 3pm. My 13th birthday party lasted 3 days and I was only there for one! I learned how to play spades during that time, and my mom was known for her “Pink Panties” , a drink she used to make with frozen pink lemonade, gin, and whipped cream. Other than beer, that was the first alcoholic beverage I ever tasted, and I couldn’t even taste the gin.

 Also shout out my pets. All the dogs I’ve had over the past 10 years. Diamond, Gogo, Madison,Noble, the rest of Diamond’s puppies. Especially Jigga who got his name from the line in “Hard Knock Life” where Jay said “Scratch his name out, put Jigga on top…” . I think of that puppy whenever I hear that song. He was the only black puppy in the bunch. Also I cannot forget Lucky, the celebrity of the bunch. He was on the morning news one morning. He was known for running away. Well known around the pound. However, the last time he ran away he didn’t come back. I still miss him. He was a Beagle/Basset Hound mix; the closest I had to a lap dog. Lastly, the last dog standing, my baby girl, Ginger. I love her to death.

This decade I also went through this little thing called puberty. I started growing my famous breast in 5th grade. While my classmates where still in training bras, I was wearing cup sizes. 34A specifically. By 6th grade I was a B, 7th grade a C, 8th a D, and by the time I hit high school I was in the doubles going in the triples. I never really had a problem with my breast, but everyone else did. I mean, I never had back problems, maybe I had to buy my shirts a little bigger but other than that it wasn’t that serious to me.  When I cheered I was the Brittani with the big boobs. In college I was “Double D’s”.  Those names didn’t bother me even though many thought that it should. I loved getting that type of attention. Earlier this year I did contemplate getting a breast reduction for fashion, but after thinking long and hard about it, I decided not to. My F’s are what make me who I am. That’s one of the things I’m known for. Plus I’ve been working great with them this long, might as well keep them.

During this time I started liking boys, more than usual. It started in 7th grade when I had my first sexual experience with this guy I had a major crush on. Like I wrote poetry about this dude. I had poetry books dedicated to him. It was in his cousin’s house. I thought it was sex, but I wasn’t penetrated. Also it wasn’t even vaginal, but I still ran around telling everyone I lost my virginity to this dude and that is why till this day a lot of people I went to school with don’t know I’m a virgin. I was a great liar back then(still am), and the fact that he didn’t deny it make it even more believable.

He was one of 3 big crushes I had growing up. The second was this guy who played basketball for my high school, star player, and I didn’t even like him at first.  The reason was that every other girl on the cheerleading squad liked him. For some reason that turned me off, but then I got a good look at the man and realized why these girls were drooling. He was tall, with yellow skin, cornrows, and grey eyes. Nice smile, dressed nice, smart, and sweet; it’s hard to resist someone like that. Til this day, I still have a crush on him. He’s my friend on Facebook, I follow him on Twitter, and the last time I saw him I melted when he gave me a hug. I doubt he would ever give me the time of day, plus it would be hard since he goes to school in Kentucky now, but one day I hope to go out with him and just talk. So, Mr. Basketball Player, if you are reading this hit me up!

Guy number 3 you all know as my “Favorite Football Player”, or “That guy who plays for the Vikings”, or “That nigga who use to be at Florida”, did I refer to him as anything else? Anyway, I will reveal who he is for my slow readers and those who don’t watch sports. Percy Harvin. At first I didn’t know who this dude was. I just heard everyone talking about him, and I was just like “Who or what the fuck is a Percy, and why should I take time out of my life to know who he is?”  Then, one day I was waking up from a nap(this is back when I use to watch Oprah) and the news was on and they were talking to this cute guy from Landstown in a tan jacket. Let’s just say there were 2 wet spots on my bed; one from drooling and the other from dripping. After that I was hooked. I became a fan and he became one of my biggest crushes since the guy who “took my virginity”.  However, I never met him though I knew all his friends and there were times when we were in the same room, feet from each other. I wish I could have though. Hopefully one day I will. So again, Percy, if you’re reading this(I doubt it) holla at me! I will look so good on your arm. Ok, let me stop.

I graduated high school and headed off to college. You would think I would hate Morgan State University, but I don’t. I’m a bear for life, even if I don’t graduate. Claudette Jameson would not exist if it wasn’t for that one depressed day in room 638 when I just wanted to be someone else, and created an account on Second Life. The software wasn’t compatible with my iBook, but I kept the name. I love that school, I met so many great friends there, so many talented people. I’m actually planning on moving back to Baltimore, because I just loved being there. For some reason that city was just so inspiring.

I know I’m leaving a lot of stuff out, but most of what is being left out I’ve written on here before. (i.e.,Brett Farve). Plus I didn’t want to make this too depressing. I’m done feeling sorry for myself, and letting my past hold me back. 2010 is a new year and the start of a new decade. I want to be happy for a change; I’m tired of being depressed. I want to reach my goals. For those who follow me on Twitter, you know that I am now writing for the site Capital Noise (which launches tomorrow by the way), and I’m getting my body together so I can do some modeling under my alter ego’s alter ego BriMyChelle. I want to do big things and I have big dreams for myself. Dreams I got to make come true, so I can’t just sit around doing nothing and feeling bad about myself.

With all that being said, I want to be one of the first to wish you all a Happy New Year. I just got my new netbook, so look forward to a lot of new entries. I plan to do big things in 2010 and beyond so stay tuned!

Luv Ya!!!


So I was surfing Harvin Zone last night. You know just looking for updates and such, and what did I find? A picture of a rough tough, Percy “Sexy Man Parts” Harvin, throwing a medicine ball, sporting some new tats,and some sexy, big, Ben Wallace like arms…..yummmmmmm. I mean they should of put a disclaimer before they showed that pic. I drooled so much damn near messed up my keyboard. I heard his heel is doing better. I saw a picture of him running on, so he should be alright. Can’t wait till the season starts,I will never miss a game. Remember, I was the FIRST to endorse him for He1sman…..well the first female. 


I’m going to take the time out to devote a whole blog entry to the beautiful Kim Kardashian. One of the people that I admire, and aspire to be like.

Ok, before ya’ll come up here and ask me why I wanna be like her, call her all these names and such, and say that’s she’s not someone I should aspire to be like because all she’s known for is a sextape,etc. Let me tell you why I look up to her. She is a strong confident woman. Something I want to be. She’s a business women, and she has Reggie Bush. Ok maybe I don’t want Reggie, but if I could get Darren,Percy, or Jamarcus I would be alright…lol.

But naw, I’m tired of hearing people calling her a hoe and what not. Saying that she gets around. How do you know that? Do you hang out with her on a regular basis? Isw it because she’s dated a lot of celebrities? What the fuck do you expect? She lives in Beverly Hills!!!! Her childhood friends are people like Paris Hilton! Her step-father is Bruce Jenner!!!!!! And ya’ll wanna act like you done have sex with your boyfriends or girlfriends, because of ya’ll do accorrding to what you say about Kim , ALL YOU DIRTY MUTHAFUCKAS ARE HOES!!!!

Anyway I really think she’s a beautiful person inside and out, and this is based on what I’ve seen on television, read on her blog,and in interviews. She reminds me of a happier version of myself, like that is what I would be like if I could put all this shit behind me and start really loving myself. That’s why I look up to her. Sure, we may of had similar unfortunate internet experiences,and that may have something to do with it, but the more I learn about her that more I she that she is everything I want to be in life. I would love to have 2 businesses,a Bentley,Percy Harvin and starring in a movie by the time I’m 28. That’s what I really want,and just seeing her motivates me to continue working for those goals….and working out everyday (I love her bod). lol.

So yeah, if Kim is reading this right now(I doubt it) I just want her to know, that if with all your haters you have one true fan in me.

Percy Harvin v. Tenn. From gatorcountry.comI’m going to make it official. I am endorsing Percy Harvin for Heisman. I know it’s too soon, but I believe he has a chance to make it this year. A lot of people think that he doesn’t have a chance because he was unable to stay healthy his last 2 seasons, but this season may be different. He has had surgery on his heel, and according to he is finally off crutches!!!(he had surgery I believe late March, early April)

He’s fast, I know he’s fast. I’ve seen him run. Trust, my high school used to play against him, and during that time I football team already sucked, but he and his team made it looked like a NFL team playing a Pop Warner team. He and Damon McDaniels would run through us like it won’t nothing! I always loved watching him play, or watching his highlights on the news every Friday night.

He’s vesitile, he can play any position, right now he is playing Running Back. I don’t know when he went from Wide Receiver to Running Back,I just woke up one morning and he had RB by his name. Well that would be fitting since they always compare him to Reggie Bush.

So yeah, Percy gets my vote. The sexy caramel skinned boy man from Va. Beach. One of his friend been tryin to holla at me for a while now, but that’s off the subject. He is a great athlete and he deserves it, so yeah, I’m making it official as of today, right now….PERCY FOR HE1SMAN!!!!
Check out this video to see him in action…