Life of the College Girl

I’m Sorry, I Have to Respond to This…

Posted on: May 16, 2008

Ok so I was checking my views graph thing. You know the thing that when you click on it it tells you how people are viewing your blog and how many. Anyway, I saw that 1 person was viewing it threw a search on WordPress and “sexy pics”? Crazy because I don’t have any sexy pics up yet, but I was clicking on links and I saw that a lot of the links were to a blog called Media Outrage. It seems like a nice spot,may put it on my feed if possible, I love it already. But I came across a entry about Deelishis,and,no homo, I’m in love with Deelishis! She is so beautiful and I want her ass…lol. So I was reading comments and I couldn’t get past the 2nd one because one of the people who posted was talking about how, everyone praises Kim Kardashian for her “black woman’s ass”, yet always criticizes Deelishis. That upset me, because I don’t think it’s true. So,whoever posted that comment, I’ll have to disagree with you. I, being an obvious Kim Kardashian fan, been hearing kim get a lot of criticism over her booty. It’s one site, I can’t remember which one, who cracks on Kim K’s ass all the time. Saying that people who like her butt actually like fat,or obese people. Yeah Deelishis has haters,everyone does, but where she comes from her shape is accepted and it’s only women who wish they had her curves, or women who are jealous because their man spends more time talking about Deelishis on the cover of Smooth Girl, than her. Kim, for where she’s from, is considered fat. Think about, she lives in Beverly Hills, everyone in that area are super skinny,and she has this big ass that even one of her best friends called disgusting.

I’m not attacking you, or dissing you or anything. I’m just saying when you really think about it, even though people praised her for doing Playboy, she is still getting a lot of mess for being a “slut” ever since she did that sex tape. So even though people love to hate on Deelishis and other video vixens for shaking their ass in a music video and being in all this sexy magazines, Kim still gets more mess because she is only known for, as they say on The Soup, “having a big ass and a sextape”.


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