Life of the College Girl

Just Letting Ya’ll now I’m Still Alive…

Posted on: May 20, 2008

Hey,Hey folks! Sorry I haven’t been on for a while. I don’t have internet access on my laptop when I’m at home, the internet in the office isn’t working,and the only reason I’m on now is because my mom left her laptop here. It is thundering and lightening here! It’s like the sky fell out as soon as I got home from my doctors appointment this morning. It sucks because I was going to try and finish job hunting today. Hopefully it clears up.

So I see a lot of ya’ll have been looking at my “Response” entry from a couple of days ago. I didn’t think it would get so many views. Why didn’t ya’ll comment? I thought I made it so that everyone could? Maybe I didn’t. Either that or ya’ll were too lazy to comment! Just But yeah that was just how I felt on that situation,and I can’t change that,I wont change that.

But yeah, just checking in. It’s clearing up so I guess I should carry my self to fill out these apps. The internet in my office should be working sometime this week…hopefully. So until then, stay sexy and stay fly!

Luv ya!


1 Response to "Just Letting Ya’ll now I’m Still Alive…"

Hey; like many others I learnt of your predicament via a messageboard link, and tonight you ran across my mind…
I see you’re doing reasonably well; so that’s good news.

Hopefully you continue to make good decisions and yoiur life continues to be successful.
Laterz; keep ya chin up.

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