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I’ve talked about this a lot. I’ve honestly wanted to do it since I was very young. Now that I’m of age ,and men tell me that I have the body for it, I just might try it. The main reason is because I need the money, bad. I’m only working weekends at my job because the season is over and I’m barely getting 20 hours. On top of that, I have my bills to pay on top of paying some of my mother’s bills because she is currently unemployed. I need the money. I know many of you would tell me to cut back on my spending and I have been. I’m done buying hair for the rest of the year, I haven’t bought clothes since early September maybe with the exception of the dress I had to buy for a wedding recently, I don’t eat out as much, and I talked myself out of buying an unneccessary 2nd phone. What else can I cut out?

I need a second job bad, but I suck at interviews and I hate those waste of time quizzes that they give you. I mean if I’m going to spend an hour answering the same questions 5 times and then you reject my application because I answer 2 questions differently then this isn’t the job for me. Plus no one is hiring for real anyway, and I’m always going to be beat out by someone with more experience in the field. I’m very experienced in the field of being sexy. Doing anything, within reason, to get money.

 That’s why I think stripping is for me. I’m getting paid to do what I do best. Be sexy. The club that I want to work for just happens to be hiring. I assume they make good money there seeing that my guy friends go like every week and spend like hundreds of dollars. That’s the type of money I need. I can help my mom, I can pay off my debts, it will make everything easier. We won’t have to worry about the cable being turned off, or the internet bill being late, or having the power turned off. I’ll be able to take care of all of that.

Most importantly I’ll be happy. I’ll be doing something I’ve been wanting to do since I was 11 years old, maybe younger. I’ll finally get the attention I crave and get paid for it. I’ve never seen stripping as being degrading, but glamorous. I never saw the negatives and I never will. All I see is money right now and I have to do what I gotta do to get it. Even if it does mean hurting my family. My mom might kick me out, I don’t care, but I doubt she will when she knows I’m helping her pay her bills. My dad may not speak to me, but do you think I care? No!

As of right now, there’s no cable tv and I don’t know when it will return, come Friday I may not have internet, meanwhile downstairs both freezers and the refrigerator are almost empty. I can’t live like this. I’m not use to this. I’m willing to do what ever to get things back to normal.


It’s money time again. First I told how to be cheap in love it, and now I’m going to teach you about to importance, and the purpose of a stash. I know most of ya’ll already know so it’s you to be a refresher for you, but for you newbie, “cash my check then spend it all” people, take notes.

A stash is money, either in your wallet or in the bank, that is saved for emergencies or unexpected events, or in my case for the most part, extra gas money during the week. It should be at least $20 to $40 out of each paycheck that you DO NOT TOUCH!!! You forget that it’s even there sometimes until you need it. Personally, I keep mine in one of the dollar pockets in my wallet, because I know if it’s on my check card I’ll spend it; so I hide it from myself. It usually goes to gas during the week if I happen to do a lot of ripping and running, and whatever I don’t spend stays put until I need it again. It actually came in handy last week.

Last week, my check didn’t come. Somehow the company forgot to send the checks. How that happens? I have no idea. Anyway, they promised that they would be there the next day. I worked the next day,and they did not come. I ended up waiting till Monday for my check. Fortunately, I had about $30 dollars in my stash,and I still had a half of tank of gas. That $30 was enough to fill my tank and for me to buy enough food to last me those 3 days, and because I’m the Princess of Cheap, I still had money left. If it wasn’t for me saving that money, I would of been immobile and hungry that weekend. On Monday, I did end up replenishing my stash and I have about $30 in there now, untouched and I’ll be adding to it tomorrow.

Like I said in my other money entry, I hate spending all my money on unimportant things like clothes,and shoes. I rather spend it on things I need on gas(though I hate to), and food. However, my stash does come in handy when I need to do some stress shopping. Though I rarely go into my stash for that purpose, if I have that urge to shop and I know I won’t feel better until I buy something, I give myself a limit and make sure I put it back next paycheck. This is way better than paying off a credit card every month because I don’t charge myself interest and it doesn’t mess up my credit. I should of embraced this before I applied for those credit cards.

So yeah, this weekend I’m thinking about going to Barefeet and buying some sexy winterboots(though I need to be saving up to join a gym…I really need some comfortable, warm black boots). My budget, $40. I know that’s a lot, but they have a sale this weekend,plus it’s hard to find boots for cheaper. I mean I can find some for $20, but the ones I like are like $35. I think I deserve the splurge. But yeah, as long as I pay my bills, contribute to my stash, and have gas in my tank, I can do as I please with the rest.

Luv Ya!!!

I was just on Sisterlicious uploading my latest entry(not that I’m trying to whore my blog, just to get a lil fan base.) and I can across this. Ok, ya’ll all know that I am anti-BET, but this really interested me because it is something I think about while driving down the street or walking through the mall.

Why do we as black people spend so much money trying to look like you got money, but skimp on everything else. Some of us wont pay the extra money to buy organic produce, yet we will spend up to $200 on a pair of shoes real quick. Yeah you can be the flyest dude in class, but you wont pass without your books.

I’m not even going to lie, I’m a Dereon,and Baby Phat addict. But Aj Wright and Burlington have this thing called layaway, I can shop like a wild women, feed my addiction, and pay on it a lil bit each paycheck for 30 days. With the exception of shoes, I never pay full price for my clothes. This place called Plato’s Closet. Ladies, if you’re a shopaholic like me check to see if there is one close to you. They have name brand second hand item, some things are brand new, for thrift store prices. First time I went in there I bought a brand new Dereon hoodie, still had the original Dereon tags on it, for $6.00.

If you want to take my advice, spend money on things you need. White folk ain’t gonna think you any richer than you are with that damn Coogi sweater on. To be real with you, some of the riches people look a hot mess. Why? Because all there money goes back into their business instead of in their pocket, or into a Roll Royce. Yeah sooner or later they will get that luxury vehicle, or that private jet,or be able to go on thousand dollar shopping sprees in Europe, but they don’t do it as soon as they get they’re first big check. It’s call saving and investing, and us as black people need to consider that as an option for our money. Instead of spending $110 on the new Fusion 3 Jordans, how about you buy some stock in Nike. Or invest in a small business instead of investing in new rims. After I pay off my credit cards, I’m going to start saving to start my boutique. I want to save at least $6,000, and then get a loan (hence the reason why I want to pay off my CCs first.). I’m not big on spending tons of money on clothes. I mean the most expensive thing that I bought for my back to school shopping other than my books where those shoes that you see above ^, and those were like $70(and I pissed because I drove for 45 minutes to get them bitches just to find that they had them at the mall by my house. They have those in Air Max too, I always wanted some Air Max….). I did splurge however, for the first time in my life I spent more than $12 on a t-shirt. I usually spend between $3-$12. Those 2 were $22 each. I can’t help it, I felt like ballin…

Anyway, like I said before….I think…there is nothing wrong with being cheap. Why pay for a name brand when the brandless shirt right beside it is way cuter?

Luv Ya!!

I hope yours is so much more exciting than mine. What did I do today? Well I woke up at 10, went all over the place to see if I could find another usb cord for my Ipod (yeah I have an Ipod now, kind of a hand-me0down gift from one of my friends,however it didn’t come with the neccessary parts). All of those things are like $20 dollars at th least, and I remember when they used to sell them at the dollar store…I think. Anyway, after that I went and cooked some breakfast,and then laid in bed and watch Kimora, who is one of the people I look up to and aspire to be like. I actually slept through that marathon which began at 12 and ended at 4, then I got up and ate some cereal and began watching the Kardashians marathon,and now I’m here.

I was supposed to go out yesterday and get stuff for cooking out today,but I didn’t. Should have even got my hopes up. I don’t even know why she told me that, when she knew she was just going to go get it today. She said she had to check her money, that’s bullshit because banks are closed today just like they were yesterday. She just needs to stop lying to me. I don’t believe anything that comes out her mouth anymore. It’s like everything she says is a lie, so I just don’t listen to her. I honestly believe that she wants to see me fail. Just like she did,and it’s not right. It’s just like everyone in this house is out to get me. Out to see me fail. That’s  why I need to get out of here……for good…

So yeah, I’m back. Its not because I’ve been too  busy to come up here, it’s because I have to borrow a laptop in order to get on the Internet now. I am BORED TO TEARS HEAR!!! It’s like there is nothing to do and I can’t wait till Wednesday when I start my job. They only have me working two days this week to start for training, but I wouldn’t mind working a 40 hour week. Anything to get out of the house for a couple of hours, and to make some money so I can stay out of the house. But this is a seasonal job though, so I don’t know if I will be able to get a job to part my rent after the summer if I do end up getting an apartment.

It’s just that I thought being here was going to be relaxing. Now I remember why I wanted to be so far away from home in the first place. The nagging, the yelling, the “whoa is me” talking whenever I even think of bringing up money. It’s just annoying. If I don’t get an apartment, I thinking about just moving with my dad, or getting a room at an extended stay or something, because to be completely honest with you, and I hate to say this, I really can’t tolerate living with my mother anymore. I mean her priorities are completely out of order, and she doesn’t want to listen when you tell her so because she always thinks she’s right. I mean she says she doesn’t have money to pay the bills,and she can’t even lend me $10 to fill up my tank half way, yet we’ve eaten out at least 3 times this week. We don’t have money to buy groceries, yet she has money to go to the beach and eat out. It’s just mixed up. You can’t lend your daughter $20 dollars for gas, but you will give your boyfriend, husband, whoever the hell he is $200 dollars for only God knows what,and then complain about it. I can’t take it anymore, it’s getting completely out of hand and that’s one of the reasons why I’m so annoyed.

I’ve just been so stressed here. Like it’s just so tense and that’s why I hate being in this house. I wonder if there’s an extended stay on the beach? There has to be somewhere that they house the foreign students who come here to work, I mean it may not be comfortable but it beats living at home.