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I really don’t have anything I want to write about. Just felt like writing. I got so much clutter on my mind right now, I don’t know where to begin.

Am I the only who has a problem with my body? I’m asking because everyone keeps telling me there’s nothing wrong with it and that I don’t have to lose any weight, but honestly I think I do. That’s why I started work on  The Claudette Jameson Diet. I have a blog for that now too, I made my first Vlog for it. I’ll post it here. Anyway, I can’t see what everyone else does. I see a big stomach and big legs that need to be slimmed. I see a reason to be in the gym for 2 hours 3 times a week. I might add another day though. I am off tomorrow.

Today I good sum of money in my account. I’ve already paid all my bills and took out money to get my hair and brows done. I got a ton left over and I want to buy some shoes, but I don’t know if I really want them. As you know I’m a member of Shoedazzle,so I get some pairs of shoes to choose from every month. This month I asked for an alternative selection of flats, which looked good from a far but I knew wouldn’t look good one me. However, there were these shoes that weren’t part of the group selected for me that I loved.  These:


Those caught my eye because they were different and I like different. But I’m not 100% on them. I mean, I need a shoe that I can wear to class everyday, that are comfortable, and cute. So far these are 1 for 3.  I just don’t know, but I have a couple of weeks to figure it out. I like to treat myself to a pair of shoes each month regardless of if its Shoedazzle or the mall, so maybe I’ll go out tomorrow and see something I like. If not, I might get these.

But more than likely I’m going shopping tomorrow. I need new work pants because the ones I have now have a hole in them. I assume because my ass is too big, or because the quality is terrible. I think I’ll buy some Dickies this time.

I’m so bored right now, and cold. Times like this makes me wish I had a man. Seriously, like whenever I’m cold I just wish I had a guy to warm me up, kiss me, rub me down, etc.  Then I come back to reality. I’m willing to look for the right one and not just settle. My Mr. Perfect isn’t everyone’s Mr. Perfect. My Mr. Perfect has flaws that are beautiful that I see as perfect, and I hope he see’s me the same way.

I don’t know what it is about Lupe Fiasco, but when I listen to him I just become more productive. If I listen to any type of music while I’m writing it’s him. It’s weird.  I tried to listen to different artist while studying, writing, reading and I couldn’t did it. Could it be that Lupe Fiasco has a classical music effect on me?  I guess since I love hip hop he’s like my Mozart.

Anyway, I think I’m done. It’s too cold to have my hands out like this, and I’m inside! LOL.

Luv Ya!


So yeah, I’m back. Its not because I’ve been too  busy to come up here, it’s because I have to borrow a laptop in order to get on the Internet now. I am BORED TO TEARS HEAR!!! It’s like there is nothing to do and I can’t wait till Wednesday when I start my job. They only have me working two days this week to start for training, but I wouldn’t mind working a 40 hour week. Anything to get out of the house for a couple of hours, and to make some money so I can stay out of the house. But this is a seasonal job though, so I don’t know if I will be able to get a job to part my rent after the summer if I do end up getting an apartment.

It’s just that I thought being here was going to be relaxing. Now I remember why I wanted to be so far away from home in the first place. The nagging, the yelling, the “whoa is me” talking whenever I even think of bringing up money. It’s just annoying. If I don’t get an apartment, I thinking about just moving with my dad, or getting a room at an extended stay or something, because to be completely honest with you, and I hate to say this, I really can’t tolerate living with my mother anymore. I mean her priorities are completely out of order, and she doesn’t want to listen when you tell her so because she always thinks she’s right. I mean she says she doesn’t have money to pay the bills,and she can’t even lend me $10 to fill up my tank half way, yet we’ve eaten out at least 3 times this week. We don’t have money to buy groceries, yet she has money to go to the beach and eat out. It’s just mixed up. You can’t lend your daughter $20 dollars for gas, but you will give your boyfriend, husband, whoever the hell he is $200 dollars for only God knows what,and then complain about it. I can’t take it anymore, it’s getting completely out of hand and that’s one of the reasons why I’m so annoyed.

I’ve just been so stressed here. Like it’s just so tense and that’s why I hate being in this house. I wonder if there’s an extended stay on the beach? There has to be somewhere that they house the foreign students who come here to work, I mean it may not be comfortable but it beats living at home.