Life of the College Girl

So I guess yall are wondering where I’ve been. Well…..I’ve been having some issues with my laptop. More specifically, my charger stopped working,so now my computer is dead,and because my mom is nosey and because she spends most of her time on the office computer rather than her laptop downstairs.

Luckly,I came across WordPress’ mobile site and for right now I will be doing the majority of my writing on my Blackjack 2. This unfortunately means that I wont be posting many of my entries on Sisterlicious like I used to, but I will still be active on Facebook and Myspace so hit me up.

Im going to to make this short since I already got finger cramps from searching articles about the firing of Lane Kiffin. Plus the Raiders press conference is coming up in a couple of minutes. So yeah, just lettin yall know I’m still alive.

Luv Ya!!!


Ok so I was I was searching my favorite Kardashians’ Blogs (Kim and Khloe), and I came across something interesting. I was scrolling down on Kim’s site and began to hear her voice. I then realized that I had my volume on…lol. Anyway come to find out, Kimmie had posted a video on her blog proving to the world that she was a size 27. First thing that popped into my mind was “why was she doing this?” I clicked the link within the entry, and it took me to this blog entry.

After reading that I really had to watch the vid. It would of actually been really boring if it wasn’t for Khloe. Her crazy comments had me crackin up. She is definitely my favorite Kardashian.

Here’s the Vid:

Reading the other post shocked me though. I did not think that Khloe was a size 30!!! Seriously, I thought she was way smaller than me, but we actually wear the same size jeans. I know I’m sounding like a crazy teenage girl who is overly obsessed with Hollywood socialites,but I just feel like I can relate to them. Anyway, I just wanted to share this crazy vid with yall.

Luv Ya!!!

It’s money time again. First I told how to be cheap in love it, and now I’m going to teach you about to importance, and the purpose of a stash. I know most of ya’ll already know so it’s you to be a refresher for you, but for you newbie, “cash my check then spend it all” people, take notes.

A stash is money, either in your wallet or in the bank, that is saved for emergencies or unexpected events, or in my case for the most part, extra gas money during the week. It should be at least $20 to $40 out of each paycheck that you DO NOT TOUCH!!! You forget that it’s even there sometimes until you need it. Personally, I keep mine in one of the dollar pockets in my wallet, because I know if it’s on my check card I’ll spend it; so I hide it from myself. It usually goes to gas during the week if I happen to do a lot of ripping and running, and whatever I don’t spend stays put until I need it again. It actually came in handy last week.

Last week, my check didn’t come. Somehow the company forgot to send the checks. How that happens? I have no idea. Anyway, they promised that they would be there the next day. I worked the next day,and they did not come. I ended up waiting till Monday for my check. Fortunately, I had about $30 dollars in my stash,and I still had a half of tank of gas. That $30 was enough to fill my tank and for me to buy enough food to last me those 3 days, and because I’m the Princess of Cheap, I still had money left. If it wasn’t for me saving that money, I would of been immobile and hungry that weekend. On Monday, I did end up replenishing my stash and I have about $30 in there now, untouched and I’ll be adding to it tomorrow.

Like I said in my other money entry, I hate spending all my money on unimportant things like clothes,and shoes. I rather spend it on things I need on gas(though I hate to), and food. However, my stash does come in handy when I need to do some stress shopping. Though I rarely go into my stash for that purpose, if I have that urge to shop and I know I won’t feel better until I buy something, I give myself a limit and make sure I put it back next paycheck. This is way better than paying off a credit card every month because I don’t charge myself interest and it doesn’t mess up my credit. I should of embraced this before I applied for those credit cards.

So yeah, this weekend I’m thinking about going to Barefeet and buying some sexy winterboots(though I need to be saving up to join a gym…I really need some comfortable, warm black boots). My budget, $40. I know that’s a lot, but they have a sale this weekend,plus it’s hard to find boots for cheaper. I mean I can find some for $20, but the ones I like are like $35. I think I deserve the splurge. But yeah, as long as I pay my bills, contribute to my stash, and have gas in my tank, I can do as I please with the rest.

Luv Ya!!!

I think I need to just settle with being single for right now, because obviously I keep attracting the wrong guys. I mean I have guys who treat me right and are very respectful, but the rest seem like the only want me for sex.

It happens all the time. I see a guy, he seems nice, we talk, we exchange numbers, we text/talk, he asks me about my sex life,and then he asks me to send him a “sexy picture”. I don’t and I stop talking to him. Up until recently, when I found my good sense, I used to tell these dudes about my sex life which would lead to them asking me about other stuff, but even now, when I refuse to talk about it, or refuse to bring it up, it still seems as though most of these guys are only looking for one thing. It pisses me off, because last time I checked I do not have “whore”,”slut”, or “jump off” written across my forehead or anywhere else on my body. I don’t dress like a hooker, I don’t speak like a hooker, I do nothing like a hooker, so why do these guys treat me this way? Maybe they think I’m not cute enough to be wifey. I mean I have personality, I’m really nice,and I’m not like a lot of other girls. I don’t wear make up, I wear my hair in a bun because I like wearing it in a bun, and I don’t dress like everyone else. I take chances and I have my own style. So I’m really thinking that it’s because I’m not as attractive. I think I’m pretty, but I also think that I’m unique and that’s why to the rest of society I’m not considered pretty.

If it’s not that, I honestly think it’s because of the video. I know I promised not to bring it up again, but I really think that could be a factor. People know that I’m that girl from that video and they treat me like a whore. That irritates that shit out of me. They don’t even try to get to know me. They just assume that I’m the way I am because of what they’ve seen and nothing else. That’s one of the reasons why I defend Kim Kardashian so much. These people who are saying things like she used her body to get where she is, that she’s talentless,and her only source of income is what she has inherited from her father don’t know anything about, and haven’t tried to. People call her a whore and a slut for what? Having sex with her then boyfriend? Ok then that means that every woman who has had sex with their boyfriend is a whore. Yeah she knew that it was being video taped but that doesn’t mean that she consented to it being released to the public. And yeah that dude told me he was going to be putting it on the internet, but I didn’t know he was videotaping me behind my back!!!

I’m sorry I’m just pissed off at people right now, mostly these guys who only see me as a sex object. I’m passed the video, I’m not losing sleep over it anymore, but I really think that since it was put back up(and to whoever put it back up, I hope Karma comes back to not only bite you in the ass, but tear your whole ass off!!), and since more people will be watching it that more and more guys, cute guys, will be coming up to me as though they’re trying to start a real relationship with me, to only ask me about my sexual experiences, and that “sexy picture”.

By the way, for all the guys that might be reading this….don’t ever in your life ask me for one of those, because if you do it means that you are asking me to delete your number out of my phone. I actually had 2 guys ask me for one in the past 2 days. One of them saw my tape and actually said to me that I could send him a sexy one because “it’s not going to be anything I haven’t seen already”. I was pissed off at that. I’m never talking to that guy again, because as I ran our convo back in my mind, he didn’t want me for anything more than sex.At least the other guy asked me what I liked to do for fun. I mean he seemed really nice until night before last when I couldn’t sleep and I texted him, and what did he text back? This is exactly what he wrote, right off of my phone.

…its the middle of the night and I’m feeling a little horny and I just wanted to see something that would help cool down…

I just met him last week, why am I treated like this? What type of vibe and I giving off. This is one of the reason why I’m slowly started to hate men. I’ve been trying so hard not to get to this point, but time after time they continue to do me wrong, no matter how nice I am, so I’m just going to start being a bitch to them. I don’t care anymore. I don’t care if I hurt they pride or they’re feelings, and I really wish one of them would put their hand on me for bruising their ego, I would kill them. I don’t care anymore. I have no respect for men anymore, because they have none for me,and until I find that one who wants to treat me right, my emotions will stay the same. I’m through with them.

I guess you can say role model, it’s the only phrase I could think of right now (I’m drowsy and hyper at the same time. I took a sleeping pill last night and took my adderall this morning.). But this is someone who really inspires me. I feel like I can relate to her a lot. She loves fashion, like me, and she owns (or Co-owns) a women’s boutique, like I want to. I see a lot of myself in her,and I bet you’re wondering who it is. Well….I know I’m going to get a lot of mess for saying this….its…..Khloe Kardashian.

Khloe Kardashian

Yes, it’s true. I know you’re thinking that I’m obsessed with these chicks, and you’re kinda right, but now really. I love their show, Keeping Up with the Kardashian, but the real reason why I’m so hooked on them is because Kourtney, Kim,and Khloe remind me of my 2 sisters and I. Kourtney, who is the oldest, reminds me a lot of my older sister. She’s very classy, smart,and funny. Also she’s short like my sister. Kim, who is the middle child, reminds me of my middle sister. My sister is the diva, she’s pretty,and she’s a model. She’s very classy, like Kim (yes, I called Kim Kardashian classy.), and as of right now she’s like the “star of the family”.

And then, it’s Khloe and I. We are both the youngest(Khloe is the youngest of the Kardashians, they have 2 younger sisters who are Jenners), we both have unique personalities, we both love fashion, and she owns a boutique with her sisters and I want to open a boutique. I was watching E! news and they were saying that during Fashion Week her stores ,Dash and Smooch, did a runway show to showcase the clothing that they have in the store. She said that she was in charge of everything, from the music to the models. That really made me realize that even though I do relate to Kim in some aspects of my life(the “infamous”, wanting to model and act, wanting to date a NFL Running Back.), but for the most part I really relate to Khloe more.

I know, I know, ya’ll think she’s just a “rich spoiled brat”, but not really. She’s been working since she was a teenager. She’s really determined,and she knows what she wants. Another thing that we have in common is that we are both single. I’m thinking it is because she’s always working and she just doesn’t have time. Kinda like me, I have a couple of guys trying to talk to me,but I don’t have time to talk or hang out with them because of school and work.

It’s not like I don’t have any black role models, it’s just that I just can’t relate to them. I love Beyonce for her style and work ethic, and I also admire her mother Tina Knowles for being classy, sassy, helpful,and just being an all around strong black woman. But life-wise, I don’t think I can relate to them. A lot of things I have done is usually unheard of in most black communities, at least it doesn’t seem like it. If I sat down with Khloe and just had a personal talk with her I think that I would relate to her more. For example, having lost someone very close to you. I can relate to how she felt when her father died because I went through the same thing when my grandmother died.

Though she is not black, she is a minority. I’ll prove it….how many Armenians do you know? Exactly, she’s a minority. So it’s not like my role models are rich white girls, they are determined, strong, minorities. Beyonce, Khloe, and Nicole Richie to name a few. They have been through things and snapped back. Took responsibility for their actions and served their time, even though it was kinda unfair that they got days and minutes for a crime that most people would get years for, but hey that’s the way the cookie crumbles when you’re famous.

Luv Ya!!!

So I was on my Dashboard and I spotted that I had a new link in my “Incoming Links” box. It was from Nubian Fitness Goddess: A Black Woman’s Journey to Physical Fitness. She had nominated my blog for the I Love Your Blog Award. By the way, this is one of my favorite blogs on fitness. So much that it was the first blog roll link on my Claudette Jameson: The Weight Loss Edition blog. I was surprised,seriously, that she nominated me,as well as very thankful.

So thank you Nubian Fitness Goddess for the nomination!!! Luv Ya!!!

Now, it’s my turn.

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The youngest,sexiest,yummiest, player in the NFL right now. Oakland Raiders rookie running back Darren McFadden. He’s supposed to be blogging throughout the season but I assume that due to practice,and to the fact that he’s probably sick in bed right now after their 41-14 lost to the Broncos last night (Personally I cried myself to sleep), he doesn’t really write in it everyday. However, when he does write, it’s very interesting and he really gives you an insight into how it feels to be a rookie in the NFL.

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Now The Rules:

1. The nominated is allowed to put this picture on their blogs.
2. Link to the person who hearted you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other people and link to them.
4. Leave a message on those people’s blog to make them aware that they’re nominated.

Once again, thank you to Nubian Fitness Goddess for nominating me!!!

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I was checking my Myspace messages,and on of my friends wrote me telling me that the guy who video taped me put out another video, on the same site. I got a major lump in my throat, you know the ones you get when you’re scared,and angry? I was upset, because I couldn’t believe that this person was still putting these things out,and how many there were. I was upset, though I don’t know if it’s true or not. He posted the link to the site, but I couldn’t go to it. I knew that I didn’t want people seeing mine so I couldn’t bring myself to see this one. As much as I may want to, it would disrespectful.

But what would make a person do these thing, share your most intimate moments with the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD? What did these girls do that was so wrong? I know what they did….nothing at all. Except for be so stupid and let themselves be video taped. I had to realize that, because I was so nice to this person and his friends, and all they did was take advantage of my kindness and my need for attention. I was not a bad person,but for months I thought I was the worst person on earth, to the point that I really did believe that the world would be better off without me. Sometimes I would slightly overdose on one of my meds,and pray that I didn’t wake up the next morning, that’s how bad it got. I never showed my face, but everyone knew me by my big red coat. Then I finally woke up and realized that I wasn’t a bad person, the person who put the vid out was, and that I didn’t do anything that 90% of the girls on campus had already done.

Anyway, I still don’t get why a person would do this. What type of sick pleasure do you get out of exploiting young women? Does it make you feel powerful? Does it turn you on? What is it? It’s sick and degrading and disgusting.

This is crazy because I was just about to write a funny post about one of the searches for my blog. Someone was searching “Claudette Jameson Video Hoe” it kinda made me laugh because I was thinking of it in the terms of Buffy and Ki Toy, but there is another definition to that term. However, that did make me say “wooooooow”.

I know I said that I would never speak on this subject again, but this just opened up old wounds,and it pissed me off. I just hope this girl doesn’t have to go through the same thing I went through,and if she did I hope that she handles it better,and learns from it. I hope it isn’t me, matter of fact. I know it’s no way it can be, but my paranoid side is always yelling “what if” at me, so I gotta be cautious. I haven’t heard anything on any other sites so I don’t think it’s that serious. I know it’s mean, but I really hope if it is someone it’s someone who treated me like dirt when mine happened. I’m sorry, I believe in Karma. I’ll still feel sorry,but not as sorry….