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Claudette Jameson: The Stripper

Posted on: October 21, 2009

I’ve talked about this a lot. I’ve honestly wanted to do it since I was very young. Now that I’m of age ,and men tell me that I have the body for it, I just might try it. The main reason is because I need the money, bad. I’m only working weekends at my job because the season is over and I’m barely getting 20 hours. On top of that, I have my bills to pay on top of paying some of my mother’s bills because she is currently unemployed. I need the money. I know many of you would tell me to cut back on my spending and I have been. I’m done buying hair for the rest of the year, I haven’t bought clothes since early September maybe with the exception of the dress I had to buy for a wedding recently, I don’t eat out as much, and I talked myself out of buying an unneccessary 2nd phone. What else can I cut out?

I need a second job bad, but I suck at interviews and I hate those waste of time quizzes that they give you. I mean if I’m going to spend an hour answering the same questions 5 times and then you reject my application because I answer 2 questions differently then this isn’t the job for me. Plus no one is hiring for real anyway, and I’m always going to be beat out by someone with more experience in the field. I’m very experienced in the field of being sexy. Doing anything, within reason, to get money.

 That’s why I think stripping is for me. I’m getting paid to do what I do best. Be sexy. The club that I want to work for just happens to be hiring. I assume they make good money there seeing that my guy friends go like every week and spend like hundreds of dollars. That’s the type of money I need. I can help my mom, I can pay off my debts, it will make everything easier. We won’t have to worry about the cable being turned off, or the internet bill being late, or having the power turned off. I’ll be able to take care of all of that.

Most importantly I’ll be happy. I’ll be doing something I’ve been wanting to do since I was 11 years old, maybe younger. I’ll finally get the attention I crave and get paid for it. I’ve never seen stripping as being degrading, but glamorous. I never saw the negatives and I never will. All I see is money right now and I have to do what I gotta do to get it. Even if it does mean hurting my family. My mom might kick me out, I don’t care, but I doubt she will when she knows I’m helping her pay her bills. My dad may not speak to me, but do you think I care? No!

As of right now, there’s no cable tv and I don’t know when it will return, come Friday I may not have internet, meanwhile downstairs both freezers and the refrigerator are almost empty. I can’t live like this. I’m not use to this. I’m willing to do what ever to get things back to normal.


15 Responses to "Claudette Jameson: The Stripper"

Think about it b4 u do it Stripping is a black hole you’ll be sucking dick for cash in no time on the other hand If you gonna do it might ass well get paid for it. You can give up trying to find a boyfriend thou because no sane dude wants to be seen in public with a stripper you’ll always be just a jump off. If you need cash Join the Coast Guard or something let them feed clothes and shelter you while you save the cash but if you just wanna let your Inner whore out then maybe the pole is your lightsaber.

Okay as a previous dancer if set morlials and values you
can go to work and work and leave and live a normal life.
There are going to be those dancers that lower the standard and do things that shouldnt be done but any were you work some bends the rules. Just stay true to the word no and Know you worth more then a few more bucks. I did it I did an amazing job I wasnt a whore I didn’ t suck any dick o fuck anyone. I did topless dancing and i was a blast and payed great I didnt make it to a lif long thing I am only 23 i did it for a year payed off my bills and if i was in a rutt i would do it again. although i do feel topless clubs are better then nude to me, hope this helps

hey times are rough…stripping is money…prolly easy money since u got the body that a sweaty drunk old married man would blow his paycheck on…just thini of the risk factors:exposure to drgs/alcohol , gateway to prostitution or underground porn with numerous men and animals, and possible depression and suicide tendencies because u made a mistake…but if u think ur gd just post the name and address of the club…

I’ve worked at a topless bar. I’m not a woman. I used to work as a bartender. The previous messages posted here are correct. It is so easy, the money. It feels so good, the attention. Free booze, hotel and breakfast and making money all that while. Make sure you let your customers know they are that and your freinds are that because you will be juggling alot more of them. I have never seen a dancers customer nor freind stay a customer or freind very long because personal insecurities and the dancers busy life. But if you can sacrifice and distance your personal feelings while you are a dancer for 24 hours a day. Go for it, the job is yours. Don’t forget to tip out.

I strip 4 nights a week. It’s great money, easily two to three times what I make as a full-time, salaried engineer during the day. There are drawbacks and you need to have very tough skin, but you can develop that as you go. The biggest thing is to NEVER give out your number, even if the guy seems normal and nice. It doesn’t matter. Get him to write down his, but don’t call him. If you want, get a stripper phone to manage your regulars. The majority of your fellow strippers will be coked out and drunk most of the time, and don’t be surprised if you see a few hand-jobs go down in the VIP when the manager is looking the other way.

Play up the girl-next-door thing … men love innocent girls and as long as you make sure you always know where their hands are, you’ll be fine. Oh, and make sure you get good shoes, if they have a clear top it will stretch out so get them tight. Don’t be afraid of height, because stripper shoes are actually a LOT more comfortable than regular high heels.

And if you want to really make money and stand out, don’t wear those stupid stripper bikinis all the girls wear. Wear nice lingerie. You don’t want to look like you’ve been in the business for a long time.

TOpcat is wrong. I danced my way through college and I have never sucked dick. THe beauty of stripping is you make 20-50$ per short song, just dancing. Hookers can’t beat that. I support you, just be sure you use your money wisely to investi n a career.

As for noone wanting to ever date a stripper? HAHAHA who is this person, craziness, stupidity… mostly just ignorance. They obviously dont have experience, they’re simply rattling off mindless stereotypes.

I work as a stripper and am simultaneously pursuing a career in theater. I love it! Then again, I work in a high-end club where my managers allow me to keep most of my money and I am never pressured to perform sexual favors for customers. I do not meet my customers outside of work, nor do I develop personal relationships with them, nor do I “suck dick for cash.”

Women who do that are called /prostitutes./ Not all prostitutes are strippers, and not all strippers are prostitutes.

I don’t date, since I prefer to focus on other things in my life, but I know plenty of my co-workers are in established, committed, successful relationships with sane, loving men.

Yes, a few of my co-workers abuse drugs and alcohol, but this happens in all professions. I know a mental health professional who routinely “prescribes” herself Xanax. I know lawyers who cannot go to trial without a bump of cocaine. And I know alcoholics from all walks of life. So substance abuse is not just a “stripper” thing.

So if you’ve been wanting to give it a try, go for it. But work in upscale establishments ONLY……and never do anything you’re uncomfortable with. YOU define your own boundaries.

You are young and stupid. Stripping = Drunk men with strong sexual urges, any sense of control that you have is false. You WILL have fingers rammed into your vagina and/or anus. You WILL have your breasts and nipples squeezed and pulled, even hard and painfully. You will be called “Bitch”, “Cunt”, “Whore”, ect. on a regular basis. Men will try and follow you home or contact you. You will feel erect penises all day long, do you think that will help your sex life?

Violence in the club? Oh yeah, all of the time. I’ve watched pregnant dancers be assaulted by customers. Nice customers? Yes, but they don’t make up for the psychos. If you want to hate men, have stripper/whore on your resume, and lose the respect of those who know better than you- than you will become a stripper. Don’t do it.

Robert could be right, if you work in some seedy, nude club, have no self control, and waste your money. I used my stripping years to get my first bachelors, and as far as man hating? I’m happily married, living a great life far from home (oklahoma) (where i danced) in baltimore, doing a job i love and working on my masters. best of luck.

I don’t like pubs Rompl =-((

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