Life of the College Girl

My Computer Brokedown

Posted on: September 30, 2008

So I guess yall are wondering where I’ve been. Well…..I’ve been having some issues with my laptop. More specifically, my charger stopped working,so now my computer is dead,and because my mom is nosey and because she spends most of her time on the office computer rather than her laptop downstairs.

Luckly,I came across WordPress’ mobile site and for right now I will be doing the majority of my writing on my Blackjack 2. This unfortunately means that I wont be posting many of my entries on Sisterlicious like I used to, but I will still be active on Facebook and Myspace so hit me up.

Im going to to make this short since I already got finger cramps from searching articles about the firing of Lane Kiffin. Plus the Raiders press conference is coming up in a couple of minutes. So yeah, just lettin yall know I’m still alive.

Luv Ya!!!


1 Response to "My Computer Brokedown"

I was wondering where you went. Good luck with your pc!

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