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The Importance of Having a Stash….

Posted on: September 18, 2008

It’s money time again. First I told how to be cheap in love it, and now I’m going to teach you about to importance, and the purpose of a stash. I know most of ya’ll already know so it’s you to be a refresher for you, but for you newbie, “cash my check then spend it all” people, take notes.

A stash is money, either in your wallet or in the bank, that is saved for emergencies or unexpected events, or in my case for the most part, extra gas money during the week. It should be at least $20 to $40 out of each paycheck that you DO NOT TOUCH!!! You forget that it’s even there sometimes until you need it. Personally, I keep mine in one of the dollar pockets in my wallet, because I know if it’s on my check card I’ll spend it; so I hide it from myself. It usually goes to gas during the week if I happen to do a lot of ripping and running, and whatever I don’t spend stays put until I need it again. It actually came in handy last week.

Last week, my check didn’t come. Somehow the company forgot to send the checks. How that happens? I have no idea. Anyway, they promised that they would be there the next day. I worked the next day,and they did not come. I ended up waiting till Monday for my check. Fortunately, I had about $30 dollars in my stash,and I still had a half of tank of gas. That $30 was enough to fill my tank and for me to buy enough food to last me those 3 days, and because I’m the Princess of Cheap, I still had money left. If it wasn’t for me saving that money, I would of been immobile and hungry that weekend. On Monday, I did end up replenishing my stash and I have about $30 in there now, untouched and I’ll be adding to it tomorrow.

Like I said in my other money entry, I hate spending all my money on unimportant things like clothes,and shoes. I rather spend it on things I need on gas(though I hate to), and food. However, my stash does come in handy when I need to do some stress shopping. Though I rarely go into my stash for that purpose, if I have that urge to shop and I know I won’t feel better until I buy something, I give myself a limit and make sure I put it back next paycheck. This is way better than paying off a credit card every month because I don’t charge myself interest and it doesn’t mess up my credit. I should of embraced this before I applied for those credit cards.

So yeah, this weekend I’m thinking about going to Barefeet and buying some sexy winterboots(though I need to be saving up to join a gym…I really need some comfortable, warm black boots). My budget, $40. I know that’s a lot, but they have a sale this weekend,plus it’s hard to find boots for cheaper. I mean I can find some for $20, but the ones I like are like $35. I think I deserve the splurge. But yeah, as long as I pay my bills, contribute to my stash, and have gas in my tank, I can do as I please with the rest.

Luv Ya!!!


1 Response to "The Importance of Having a Stash…."

Great post girl! You never know what’s going to happen. I can not tell you how many times at different jobs our checks were late and we had to wait. At my last my job my boss told me on payday oh I can’t pay you your full check. I didn’t even get half the money that I was owed. So you should always have a stash in case of BS like that. *KUDOS*

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