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I Love Your Blog Award

Posted on: September 9, 2008

So I was on my Dashboard and I spotted that I had a new link in my “Incoming Links” box. It was from Nubian Fitness Goddess: A Black Woman’s Journey to Physical Fitness. She had nominated my blog for the I Love Your Blog Award. By the way, this is one of my favorite blogs on fitness. So much that it was the first blog roll link on my Claudette Jameson: The Weight Loss Edition blog. I was surprised,seriously, that she nominated me,as well as very thankful.

So thank you Nubian Fitness Goddess for the nomination!!! Luv Ya!!!

Now, it’s my turn.

Nubian Fitness Goddess: A Black Woman’s Journey to Physical Fitness
My favorite fitness blog. Focusing on black women, the black community and a healthy lifestyle.

Glennisha Morgan
She’s a great writer, and she writes on the most interesting topics.

Media Outrage
One of my favorite celeb blogs. It’s very entertaining. I think I go here more to read the comments than the actual entries.

Harvin Zone
This blog helps me keep up with one of my secret crushes favorite athletes.

Darren McFadden
The youngest,sexiest,yummiest, player in the NFL right now. Oakland Raiders rookie running back Darren McFadden. He’s supposed to be blogging throughout the season but I assume that due to practice,and to the fact that he’s probably sick in bed right now after their 41-14 lost to the Broncos last night (Personally I cried myself to sleep), he doesn’t really write in it everyday. However, when he does write, it’s very interesting and he really gives you an insight into how it feels to be a rookie in the NFL.

Claudette Jameson: The Weight Loss Edition
Very interesting. This chick named Claudette is blogging her weight loss. She doesn’t really keep it up as much as she should,but she’s working on it….

Now The Rules:

1. The nominated is allowed to put this picture on their blogs.
2. Link to the person who hearted you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other people and link to them.
4. Leave a message on those people’s blog to make them aware that they’re nominated.

Once again, thank you to Nubian Fitness Goddess for nominating me!!!

Luv Ya!!!


2 Responses to "I Love Your Blog Award"

Thank You! I always enjoy reading your blog as well! Much luv.

You’re welcome! I haven’t commented on your blog yet; but I do keep up with your posts via sisterlicious.
** I look forward to checking out ur posts on your weight loss blog!

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