Life of the College Girl

Completely Turned Off!!!

Posted on: September 4, 2008

Ok so it’s this cute guy in one of my classes. He is so sexy, I mean I have to hold back from drooling when I see him. Anyway, he came in class late after missing the last couple of classes. He wanted to know what the assignments were for the days that he missed. Ok for one, he should of looked at the syllabus, because that had a calendar of all the assignments for the whole semester.

So, my teacher is very strict and sticks to her rules. One of her rules is if you need to ask her a personal question (i.e. “What did we do last class?”), you ask her after class or during office hours. Otherwise she will not answer you. She’ll hear you, but she will continue on with what she is doing. Maybe that’s why a lot of students say that she is a bad teacher. It’s not that she’s a bad teacher, it’s that she’s strict and to make in her class you have to get used to that.

Anyway, this fine guy was yelling trying to get the teacher’s attention right before the end of class. She just ignored him. He kept yelling and yelling,and right after she dismissed classes I heard the word “Bitch” come out his mouth. He said it in vain, with anger,and that turn me off. How are you going to disrespect you teacher, not only that, how are you going to disrespect a WOMAN like that? I mean if you would say that to her, then what about your mother, your sister, your girlfriend? That just pisses me off.

Before I found my mind and common sense I thought it was ok for a man to call a woman a bitch, because I was one and he was just saying what I was. Then I thought about it. No, that isn’t right. Yeah I may be a bitch, but I don’t need a man to remind me of it. I feel really disrespected when a man calls me a bitch now, or when I hear a man call another woman a bitch. Because when it’s coming from the opposite sex, I see it as degrading. I don’t see it meaning a woman in charge, or a bossy chick, but as it’s real definition of a female dog. I may be bossy, but I am no K9. Then again when I get mad I kinda take on the personality of a pit bull, I might even bite your ass if you get me angry enough, but other than that I am not a dog and I do not want to be called one.

But yeah along with being dirty, being shallow, trying to be hood when you’re really not,and being fake and lying, a man who degrades women is one of my pet peeves and one of my turn offs. That’s why I’m not really into rappers anymore, most of them are so degrading to women in their music, and the ones who aren’t are boo’d up (I wonder why?). It don’t matter how cute you are, if you degrade me, you’re outta here!!!


1 Response to "Completely Turned Off!!!"

ok im with u up to the part where u say u may be a bitch. thats not something to claim. just like the use of the word nigga. look more into these words before u try to justify the use of it. and your right that was utter disrespect for any woman at any level.

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