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It’s Official, I’m A Go-go Head…

Posted on: August 28, 2008

I’ve been listening to go go music since I was like 8 years old. My step-father (now ex step-father) used to play it in the house all the time when I was growing up. He used to have hundreds of cassette tape that were nothing but gogo. Chuck Brown to Rare Essence I heard it all. The first gogo song that I learned all the words to was “Overnight Scenario”, though most gogo songs don’t have too many word. That was and still is one of favorite gogo songs.

I did really get back into it until I went to Baltimore. Most of my friends were from Prince George’s County, including my room-mate, and I always preferred it over Baltimore Club music. The club music gave me a headache. I hated it. It is in Baltimore that I discovered someone who would become my favorite rapper. His name is Wale (pronounced Wah-Lay). I first heard him on a song by a group named TCB, don’t ask me what stands for, I always thought it was a type of relaxer. But after hearing that song I became obsessed with him and began trying to find more of his songs. Just recently I found a mixtape that he did, which was mostly freestyles over other song’s. Honestly though, I like his gogo stuff more than anything.

So yesterday after my chemistry class I decided to listen to the radio, which is really rare now. It was on a station I rarely listen to, it was actually one that I called out in a previous entry for not supporting local talent. Anyway first thing I heard was a gogo beat with Wale’s voice over it, and I was like “okay…maybe they are trying to branch out?” And branch out they did, because as I continued to listen I realized that they were playing a mix of gogo songs. I was excited!! It’s about time that southern Virginia got with the program. So I was steady jammin in the traffic leaving the campus, and then it came on…..Overnight….Scenario! I lost it. I turned my radio up so loud that the bass was making my car shake, I almost hit the car in front of me a couple of times, and I know that the cars in front and behind me were wondering what the hell was going on. I mean if I knew how, I would of got out the car and started beating my feet…for real. After that, they just started playing all my favorite songs back to back. Let’s just say I took the long way home yesterday.

Come to find out, they do this every Wednesday. They call it “Gogo Wednesdays”. I got mad because they should of sent me an email or something, they shouldn’t just creep gogo into their playlist like that. Get me all excited and dancing and shit. Having white people look at me like I’m crazy. And I’m am living proof that not all black folks have rhythm. I mean it comes and goes, but usually, unless it’s coregraphed, I tend to be off beat.

It’s kinda weird being a Gogo Head where I’m from. It’s usually a DC,Maryland,and Northern Virginia thing. A lot of my friend growing up didn’t even know what it was. In high school,they knew about club music, but too much about gogo. For it to be on the radio now on the regular is great. Hopefully now DMV can include all of Virginia.

For those who don’t know what gogo is, or what it sounds like, I’m going to list some songs that sound like gogo, or are gogo inspired:

Crazy in Love by Beyonce
Like This by Kelly Rowland
Hot in Here by Nelly (actually samples the song “Bustin’ Loose” by Chuck Brown, though it really doesn’t have a gogo sound.)
Rising Down by The Roots ft. Chrisette Michele and Wale
What it is(Strike a Pose) by Lil’ Mama ft. T-pain
1 Thing by Amerie
Hold it Now, Hit it by the Beastie Boys

If you wanna know more click here

Luv ya!


3 Responses to "It’s Official, I’m A Go-go Head…"

Go Go is something that I still haven’t gotten into and I love all types of music. My old roomate use to play it a lot. She’s from VA and I know it’s really popular there.

your not really a gogo head…
a gogo head is somebody dat know alot about gogo and go to da gogo’s and listen to it 24/7.
shitttttt i know imma gogo head cuz i be crankin dat shit in my house
my fave band is TOB(take ova band)
oh and btw
TCB mean total control band

was up man i have a store on georgia ave, and all we sell is go-go music, so hit me up i got that song you love..

innacity go-go & u-design tees 202-291-0911..

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