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What is Wrong with Being Cheap???

Posted on: August 23, 2008

I was just on Sisterlicious uploading my latest entry(not that I’m trying to whore my blog, just to get a lil fan base.) and I can across this. Ok, ya’ll all know that I am anti-BET, but this really interested me because it is something I think about while driving down the street or walking through the mall.

Why do we as black people spend so much money trying to look like you got money, but skimp on everything else. Some of us wont pay the extra money to buy organic produce, yet we will spend up to $200 on a pair of shoes real quick. Yeah you can be the flyest dude in class, but you wont pass without your books.

I’m not even going to lie, I’m a Dereon,and Baby Phat addict. But Aj Wright and Burlington have this thing called layaway, I can shop like a wild women, feed my addiction, and pay on it a lil bit each paycheck for 30 days. With the exception of shoes, I never pay full price for my clothes. This place called Plato’s Closet. Ladies, if you’re a shopaholic like me check to see if there is one close to you. They have name brand second hand item, some things are brand new, for thrift store prices. First time I went in there I bought a brand new Dereon hoodie, still had the original Dereon tags on it, for $6.00.

If you want to take my advice, spend money on things you need. White folk ain’t gonna think you any richer than you are with that damn Coogi sweater on. To be real with you, some of the riches people look a hot mess. Why? Because all there money goes back into their business instead of in their pocket, or into a Roll Royce. Yeah sooner or later they will get that luxury vehicle, or that private jet,or be able to go on thousand dollar shopping sprees in Europe, but they don’t do it as soon as they get they’re first big check. It’s call saving and investing, and us as black people need to consider that as an option for our money. Instead of spending $110 on the new Fusion 3 Jordans, how about you buy some stock in Nike. Or invest in a small business instead of investing in new rims. After I pay off my credit cards, I’m going to start saving to start my boutique. I want to save at least $6,000, and then get a loan (hence the reason why I want to pay off my CCs first.). I’m not big on spending tons of money on clothes. I mean the most expensive thing that I bought for my back to school shopping other than my books where those shoes that you see above ^, and those were like $70(and I pissed because I drove for 45 minutes to get them bitches just to find that they had them at the mall by my house. They have those in Air Max too, I always wanted some Air Max….). I did splurge however, for the first time in my life I spent more than $12 on a t-shirt. I usually spend between $3-$12. Those 2 were $22 each. I can’t help it, I felt like ballin…

Anyway, like I said before….I think…there is nothing wrong with being cheap. Why pay for a name brand when the brandless shirt right beside it is way cuter?

Luv Ya!!


9 Responses to "What is Wrong with Being Cheap???"

Great post! Honey I buy everything on sale! I’m not ashamed of it either.

Why pay full price for anything??

Conspicuous consumption has always been part of the human experience. A few thousand years ago, we all wanted to have the most goats, now we want Nike’s.

Well, firstly, I don’t think you should think white people have got money saving sorted more than any other ehtnic group, we’re just as prone to wasting money on BS as anyone else! Basically, I think its just the fact that younger generations have been told they have to consume desinger goods etc to get by in life and have a decent place/standing in society which is obviously totally crap. Its hard to tell a little kid that he doesn’t need Nike trainers as they’re just the same as a cheaper make when all his/her friends have the same though. Once you ingrain that way of thinking into people from such a young age, its no wonder people go out and spend crazy money on things they don’t need (something I admit to doing my self btw, I’m not criticising people for doing so!). Seems like you’ve got the right attitude though, and I also think its ok to treat yourself to nice stuff if you can afford it, or as a treat once in a while even if its a stretch. Nice post! 🙂

If you pay retail prices, then you’ve payed too much. You only pay retail if you don’t know how to get it wholesale..Wholesale is where the true value is. Most of the ticket items we buy only cost a fraction of the retail price. Nike osts pennies on the dollar. Why? Because their made in bulk, and in a sweat shop in Asia.
It just makes good sense to spend wisely, and invest in true power which is investing & business ownership. Making your money work for you, when you’re home chillin’. Black folk have the least amount of liquid assets, but we spend the most on Entertainment, apparel, & luxury ticket items. Ironically, you allude to this as well, many don’t have life insurance, home insurance or health care. Our priorities are misplaced trying to perpetuate an image…Gr8 post!

Be Cheap, Never pay full price for cruise-


That’s exactly what I’m talking about!

[…] I recently read an EXCELLENT blog about this from a sister check it out here. […]

Great post and I think it was well pointed out that the younger generation has the idea of looking like money rather than actually having money. To address one of the comments; yes white people may be just as prone to overspending as other ethnic groups but white people not all but have the upper-hand in business due to receiving a headstart mainly from free labor. Blacks are the top group that is advertised to and consume the most luxury items but have the least amount of assets. When companies market excess items they promote these items to the African American community.

I work at NIKE and every Sat like clockwork its a line of about 200 people waiting from Midnight to 4pm to get some Jordans: rain, sleet, or snow. They receive horrible service, are mistreated, laughed at, and half of the time dont even get the shoes but every week they come back and that line is 99.9% BLACK. the temporary workers who BARELY make $200 a week take off work and miss make DOUBLE PAY to give money back to the company by shopping there which even at half-price means they only making about $120 a week not counts other expenses..WHERE CAN U LIVE ON THAT??

Anyway this blog inspired me to do a SONG of THE DAY about it so check it out at my blog at

Again GREAT POST sister but just to rub it in I GOT THOSE SHOES for $35…HA HA

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