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Decided to Get A Relaxer….

Posted on: August 20, 2008

I know in my previous entry I told you all that I was thinking about going natural. Well……see…..what had happened right…..I got a relaxer yesterday after work. I’m sorry I couldn’t take it. I couldn’t take combs breaking off in my new growth anymore,and I couldn’t take the thought of my cutting my hair off again. I mean if I would of went through with it when I cut my hair the first time it would of been ok. But my hair is long again,and I wanna keep it that way.

Don’t get me wrong, I love natural hair (or what do some of the sites call it? Naptural? something like that.), but I just don’t think it’s for me. I mean yeah my scalp is going to continue to flake, but Advance Strength Head and Shoulders has been working for a while now….I think it still will.

But just don’t understand how it felt!!! To be able to run my fingers through my hair for the first time in 3 months!!! My hair feels like a weave,a wig, when I unwrap it I’m going to take some pictures. I’m sorry, but I just feel pretty now. Not that I didn’t before, but now I feel like I have more confidence. Now I don’t have to worry about my hair puffing up around the edges whenever I get within a foot of anything wet. It’s smooth and sliky, and it wont cost as much to get it done now. The salon I plan on going to charges $45 to do natural hair. It’s only going to be $25 now for a wash and blowout. I only let my mom do my relaxers.

All I’m trying to say is, go with you gut feeling when it comes to your appearance. Do what you think is right for you,and trust me it’ll be worth it. My stomach would knot up every time I thought about cutting my hair off and starting over, but now I have no regrets. So if you decide to go natural, or if you get a relaxer, if you wanna go bald, dye your hair pink or platinum blonde( even though I don’t think black folk should have platinum blonde hair. I mean what black person you know with naturally blonde hair like that? I understand strawberry blonde, but platinum?), just do you!!! Do what you feel is right, and you’ll be happy.

Luv Ya!


6 Responses to "Decided to Get A Relaxer…."

Doesn’t sound like you couldn’t take it…sounds like you never fully embraced the decision. I know plenty of people with long natural hair and who don’t have “combs breaking of” in their heads.

You have to believe natural hair is attractive to work. That it isn’t an “other” form of beauty. The fact that so many Black women can’t see that beauty and are willing to put highly dangerous chemical is their head on their scalps says a lot about how brainwashed we are when it comes to believe what “beautiful” is.

Brown Sugar

I agree with JJ. I don’t think you were initially ready nor do I think you fully embraced the decision. Also just because your hair is natural doesn’t mean that you have to break combs. It’s all about finding what works for you. There are many great conditioning and moisturizing products that will make your hair manageable. Well it’s too late now but, if you decide to go natural again. Try Carol’s Daughter,, and Motions also have some really good products that will easily soften up your hair and prevent breaking combs. Also for you to say that you now feel beautiful, is a reflection of how we’ve been brainwashed for years to think that it’s only one standard set beauty. It’s nothing wrong with your natural tresses. Kinks and curls are beautiful just as well as straight and silky. I wish you the best on whatever path you choose to take. Peace

I agree with the previous two. Clearly you were natural at one point in your life. But if you aren’t open to it, the point is useless.

Maybe you just needed a different comb?

I’m definitely not gonna dog you for getting a relaxer. I had one for about 18 years. And it is easy, especially if it’s the only way you know how to care for your hair.

But natural hair IS for everyone … everyone who is ready to accept it, that is. It’s not harder, it’s just different. I cut off all of my hair about two months ago (you can check out my hair blog ( if you’d like. And don’t get me wrong, sometimes I look at pictures of my bra-strap length, silky, bouncy, relaxed hair and miss it, but I also know that I’ll never, ever put relaxer back on my head.

Anyway, I’m sorry for rambling. Give the natural thing some more thought. My biggest inspiration was looking at other people’s pictures, and seeing just how fly and fierce natural hair can be.

The benefits of natural hair outweigh any benefits of relaxed hair. Ok, I’m done now. 🙂

I wana know if I use a relaxer what do think th percentage is that my hair will break off. I really want to find somthing that I know won’t breakl off my hair but at the same time make it really really straight. If you have any geuwine suggestions please e-mail me I need some ones help. My man keeps tellin me he wants me to where my real hair and I want to show him I’m not bold and I ‘m still pretty without weave

I’ll admit that the thought of chopping all my hair off was scary. But the thought of walking around for the rest of my life with processed hair on my head was even more frightening. My dad shaved my head on New Year’s Eve ’07. It was one of the best decisions I had ever made. Then again, I was ready for it. I wanted it. Becoming natural takes guts, but it also takes that willingness. If you make the change and you’re not ready, you’ll just end up relaxing and straightening all over again. I know deep in my heart that I’ll never go back to those days. good luck in whatever you choose to do.

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