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Going Natural

Posted on: August 12, 2008

OK, so I’m finally getting serious about going natural with my hair. But I don’t know how to do it. I haven’t had a relaxer since like May, and as of right now I have about an inch and a half, to about two inches of new growth in some places. I want to cut the relaxed parts off but I’m afraid that the short afro look wouldn’t be right for me. Plus I don’t know how my hair curls. I just assume that I would have ringlets since that’s how my mother’s hair is, but my father has kinky hair. My kitchen,however, is more like ringlet curls.

I was thinking about braids, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep them up with my schedule. Last time I got kinky twist it took 12 hours to do them, and I just don’t have the time for that like I used to. There is also that Dominican salon that I’ve been meaning to go to. I’m thinking about going there before school starts.

But my question is… going natural as easy as I think it is? Because as of right now the hardest part for me will be cutting my hair short…again. But will my hair be easier to take care of after I go natural? Because I was having a hard time keeping up with relaxers,and when I would get them done, they wouldn’t sit long enough,or the lady wouldn’t do them right.

So yeah, anyone going natural, or already have. Let me know what you did….

Luv Ya!


3 Responses to "Going Natural"

Hello Claudette,
it may seem scary going natural at first, but since i’ve done it, i wonder what took me so long.. i’ve had relaxed hair since jr high school through college.. in 2006 i had a serious operation and my hair started coming out in handfuls, the drs. stated that would happen because of the anesthesia in my body. so being tired of handfuls of hair in the sink, i chopped off all the permed hair, had a teeny weeny afro, and started locs in May of once you get used to it, it’s pretty fun..hope that helps! i am on facebook under Tracey Boamah, if you’d like to check it out
Tracey Bee

1st thing, you will ned to b prepared for ppl to not like it & not care what they think. Ur fam, ur friends, random black ppl, some are not going to like it & you have to b ok wit that. Next, u have to b prepared to love ur hair whether it will be tight fist nappy or curly. 3rd there are umpteen webites that cater to natural hair. Visit them and learn as much about hair care as possible. come up with a routine that works for you & stick with it. When u know what ur doing, taking care of your natural hair is simple. some sites u may want to try:,, think). Just google natural hair, black, or african-american & i’m sure you will find more than enough info. good luck & happy hair:)

I grew my hair out from January to July of this year. My biggest issue was when trying to get braids, twists, etc., they were too expensive to keep getting done every few months. In addition, I tried so many hair products, trying to figure out what was right for my natural hair, that was expensive as well. I put a relaxer in my hair in July and I am not breaking the bank on styling or styling products. I will committ to the process again one day, but when I have more money to do so.

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