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Light Skinned V. Dark Skinned Women pt. 2: Ya’ll Got It All Wrong…

Posted on: August 6, 2008

Ok I’ve been reading the comments that I have been getting on my last post,both on here ans Sisterlicious, and I think we are having a misunderstanding.

I wasn’t bashing darker skinned women when I was writing this. I was just observing what I saw. I’m not saying that all dark skinned women hate light skinned women, there were a couple of lighter skinned women who were rude to me as well. If you read my entry about not liking most black women, you know that I am trying to change the way that I view black women, and change the way that I act around them.

Someone on Sisterlicous said that my “flaking personality” is the reason why they were the way they were towards me. To her I say….what are you talking about? I am nice to everyone who walks into my job regardless. Even in the past, when I would shy away from interacting with the black women who walked in, I would still put on a smile and be friendly and help them. No matter how they treated me. Not only because it was part of my job, but because that’s how I am. That’s my personality, I’m a nice person!!! I smile when I talk for crying out loud!!!! The only thing flaky about me is, or was, my scalp…..

And about that. See sly remarks like that is one of the reasons why I’m not close with black women,or women in general. I can’t stand cattiness, for no reason. Just because you don’t agree with me you have to point out flaws?

Anyway, about me being a “Sociologist”. I say that not because I have a degree (because I don’t), or because I was majoring in it, but because if you really think about it everyone is a sociologist. Sociology is the study of human society. The study of people, and you don’t have to go to college to do that. Shit, you were being a Sociologist by trying to tell me about myself. Everyone is born a Sociologist if they like it or not, so yes I am a Sociologist.

What Else? But yeah, I wasn’t trying to hurt feelings with that entry, and if I did I apologize for that. I was just telling you what I saw. And no I am not the lightest leaf on the tree, but I am light enough to have someone in my past dislike me because of it. Like I said before, I’m trying to change the way I see black women, but with my past it’s hard. Me going out of my way to greet every black woman who walked in wasn’t an experiment. It was challenge, maybe more of a goal for me. It was supposed to help me change the way I think of black women, help me realize that not all of them are the same. That a lot aren’t loud, ghetto, mean, untrustworthy,and everything else that I thought most black women were. And for the most part it worked. Today, all the black women that I greeted, with the exception of one, were really nice. And the one that wasn’t…..was my complexion!!!

But for real, this might of been my fault as well. My regulars know that I tend to ramble on within my entries, so the light skinned V. dark skinned lil essay I wrote really didn’t have that much to do with what happened while at work. Yeah, it triggered my thoughts, but this came from me watching and reading about this issue for a couple of years. It was on Tyra Show, it’s all over various forums that target black people, it’s in a lot of places, so if you really think about it I was basically beating a dead horse. The entry was my view on the issue as a whole.

So once again, I would like to apologize if I offended anyone. Like all my other entries I was just speaking my mind.


8 Responses to "Light Skinned V. Dark Skinned Women pt. 2: Ya’ll Got It All Wrong…"

Hello there!

There is a hueism issue among MANY black women but I have observed it most often among black women who are from the lower socioeconomic classes. Many black women I have encountered who are from the ‘hood have made comments that have suggested that they believe that lighter-skinned black women are more favored in white society… and while there MAY have been preferences shown to lighter-skinned women in white society post-slavery….such favoritism is not commonplace any longer.

A lighter-complexioned black girl who has poor English skills and “ghetto ‘tude” in her mannerisms WILL NOT be hired at a white company before a poised, articulate jet black sista. It just won’t happen.

That said…I am still disturbed that black women just CAN NOT stop discussing hueism… black men dating white women… Michelle’s clothes… can we move our discussions past this…

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

I have to disagree with the poster above me. “Hueism” will ALWAYS be an issue in Black America. Black people cannot simply move on past the “house negro/field negro” syndrome. The fact of the matter is white folk have nothing to do with this issue. BLACK folk are the ones who keep making it an issue.

Let’s be real. In Black America there always has been and always will be a preference for lighter skinned women. I won’t even get into that on here. But I’ve written a couple papers on it in my ethics class in undergrad. There were studies done and percentages and such to actually back up this fact.

Call it what you want, but you cannot deny the favoritism shown toward people of lighter complexions WITHIN the Black race.

I stress WITHIN the black race because truth be told, white people could give a damn about a “redbone” or “High yella” negro, because in their eyes, we are ALL the same.

This article is so true. Black men simply think you are pretty if you arenot light skin, its not white people that think this way, i am darkskin i have very long wavy hair and light brown eyes men only try to talk to me because i have long wavy hair and light eyes. I allways get complements from white women and darkskin women about my hair but lightskin women roll their eyes at me and say that i think i am all of that and i dont because i was allways down by black men being called black bs simply because i do not have lightskin and they wish that i did because all of thier freinds girlsfreinds have lightskin but they are not attractive at all they are just lightsjin sisters!

I agree with the post above that hueism, more commonly called colorism, will never cease in the black community. We can look to other cultures which favor lighter complexions as a guide to that. In (East) Indian societies, asian, middle eastern and many european societies fair skin is regarded with favor—especially on women.

The difference is in the Black community we don’t just prefer it we defer to it as a symbol of beauty and status. I must say though that we have made many strides in the way we define beauty that should not be ignored. We also should not ignore the influence we have in our own personal lives in perpatuating these stereotypes.

Great post very informative.

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How about FAT vs. Slim , ugly vs. pretty, educated and successful vs. uneducated and poor, speaking proper English vs. ghetto talk. There are many issues dividing the African American communities. These are some of the same issues dividing white races, too. Blond vs. brunette. I say, get over it and just get into what you feel comfortable with. If some one does not respect you or like you because you are DARK skinned, then you should RUN from their ignorant ass. Just know, if some one is that ignorant not to like you or to like you just based on skin complexion then they have many other problems.

Well I am obsessed with very dark skinned black women,I particularly love them to have very pronounced african features,I am a white English man,I dream and fantasise about being with such women,I get very excited whenever I see one,and don’t find white women attractive at all.

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