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Why Can’t All of Them Support Their Hometown Artists?

Posted on: August 5, 2008

I was on my way to work today and I was listening to Hot 91, which is Norfolk State’s radio station, and The Clipse was on the radio. If you don’t know who the Clipse is, then I hate you….just kidding, they are a rap duo from Virginia Beach, VA. Some of their single include “Grindin”, “Mr. Me Too”, and their newest one “Fastlife”. You might of heard one of the 2, Pusha T, one various remixes to songs. Anyway they were on the radio talking about how other radio stations don’t really support the hometown artists and they basically play the same songs.

I listen to Hot 91 all the time because they are diverse with their music. They play things that you don’t hear on any other of the radio stations in Hampton Roads. That’s basically the only station where you can hear rappers like Common, Lupe, Clipse, etc., on the regular.

Anyway, I’m writing this because I have to say that I do agree with them. I don’t think other radio stations in the area support artist from VA like they should. Especially if they are from the 757. I know I would be pissed if I was a established musician and the radio stations that I’ve been listening to for years didn’t even want to play my music. That would make me mad, and then all the sudden as soon as they album come out you want me on your station? There was one station that the Clipse was on yesterday, never heard them play they new single(not as much as they should), yet wanted them on the show. There’s another radio station that I used to love when I was younger, but now plays the same songs every hour. Like seriously, when I got out my car yesterday they were playing “A Millie”, I got back in my car an hour later and they were playing “A Millie”. It’s ridiculous!!! Anyway, they never play any of Clipse music, yet I hear on the radio today that they are supposed to be giving away their new album.

They were also talking about a radio station playing the remix to The Game’s new single, and cutting it off right before Pusha T’s part. That……that right there got me mad. It got me hot, it pissed me the fuck off!!! How the hell are you going to play the Game’s verse, Bun B’s verse, and whoever the hell else who was on the track’s verse, but when somebody from the area that the radio station is in, someone who has been listening to that station for years, someone representing Virginia to the fullest, you cut the fucking some off? That’s bullshit. If anything they should of skipped someone else’s verse so that you could get to that verse before quicker.

I just think that Virginia is so busy trying to be like other cities that we forget who we are. We want to play all this Lil Wayne, Ne-Yo, and everyone else because they’re what’s hot out right now. They’re what’s hot right now for a reason, they are getting exposure. I bet rap radio stations out New Orleans been playing Cash Money since before they were big. The St. Lunatics got on the air in St. Louis around 1996, or 97 with their single “Gimme Whatchu Got”. That was before the Universal deal. Why can’t Hampton Roads rap radio stations support their artists like that? Why can’t we give our artist that hometown exposure? Do ya’ll remember Fam-Lay? He was a rapper out of Norfolk, VA. He had a song out a couple of years ago called “Rock and Roll”, which is till this day still one of my favorite rap songs. I wouldn’t have ever known about that song if I didn’t have MTV2. I saw the video every night back when MTV2 was showing music videos all the time. They never played that song on the radios out here,and I know because I was listening to the radio all the time back when that song can out. I really think that was sad.

I’m really getting pissed off now, so I think I’m going to call these radio stations out. 103 Jamz,and Z104, ya’ll need to step ya’ll game up. For real. I’m getting tired of hearing the same shit over and over again. Play some more local artist!!!! I mean I don’t even hear NERD’s new stuff on the radio anymore. I’m getting tired of hearing the same Lil Wayne songs, the same Dream songs, the same Ne-Yo songs, I’m getting tired of you playing some shit that came out 2 months ago for the first time and calling it new stuff, and saying that I heard it on your station first. NO I DIDN’T!!! I heard it on Hot 91 like a month before. I understand you gotta take request, but damn you can stick one Clipse song in to rotation every hour.


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