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If You Have 3 Chins You Shouldn’t Be in a Candy Store!!!

Posted on: August 3, 2008

Seriously!!! I’ve seen so many people coming in to my job, who don’t need to be in there. They look like they’re one gummy bear away from a heart attack. Sometimes I wish I could refuse service to people like that, save their life. I mean a group of people came in today, all looked like they were obese and guess what they bought? 6 POUNDS OF CANDY!!!! It’s ridiculous!!! They know that wasn’t good for them, so why do it?

Why do people always do what’s not good for them? I do it all the time, especially when it comes to my body. But not weight wise, but health wise. I take pills, all kinds. each morning I wake up and take 2 hair,nails,and skin vitamins,a B-12 vitamin,a pill for my bipolar, and my adderall. At night, if I have a hard time sleeping, I take sleeping pills at night. I take 2, even though the bottle says one. I also double up on my adderall when I know I have to stay busy at work or if I just feel guilty about eating so much the day before and I need something to surpress my hunger. I know it’s wrong, but I feel better after doing it. Back when I was taking Prozac,I would take than and double up on my adderall before games because it felt like it gave me more confidence while around all of those skinny girls. It did,but it also made me sick,and I lost a lot of weight.

Anyway, why do people do things that they know are bad for them? Maybe they don’t care, maybe they don’t know,maybe because it makes them feel good. It makes them happy. Maybe they do it to mask pain, or a traumatic event. Either way, if you do it anyway do it in moderation…


1 Response to "If You Have 3 Chins You Shouldn’t Be in a Candy Store!!!"

Hello there!
Do you know that they bought the candy with the intention of eating ALL of it themselves? Is it possible that they were going to take the candy to work and share it with colleagues and THAT was why they were purchasing it?

How do you know for sure?

I don’t think it is a good idea to tell people that they are doing something that is NOT good for them unless you know them well.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

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