Life of the College Girl

What’s Wrong With Being A Hoe?

Posted on: July 26, 2008

Everything!!! Prostitution is very,very,bad and illegal in most states. I advise all women(and men) not to sell their bodies. It’s stupid. However, if you are a gardener, I have no problem with you hoing. Just make sure you take a shower afterwards.

Anyway, with that said, there is nothing wrong with being sexually active. I personally don’t know why people think it’s so taboo to have sex with multiple people. I mean, the Bible says it’s wrong, but the Bible says a lot of things are wrong but we still do it. I don’t get how we can sin,sin,sin, but as soon as someone says “sex” or “gay marriage” we want to suddenly get all biblical calling it wrong and saying that those people are going to hell. Bitch won’t you the same heffa I saw up in the club last night pissy drunk,and now you trying to say someone else is going to hell for gettin some dick…..please stop.

And another thing. Why at my job some of the  women that come in there are so rude to me? Is it just in their personality, or did I do something to them that I didn’t know about. Maybe because when they come in there fucking up my damn lollipops that I just spent 30  minute organizing, their boyfriends is at the candy counter I ask him with a smile if he wants anything? What the fuck you want me to do? Say nothing, then the store won’t make money and I won’t get paid. I’m not trying to take your man, I’m just trying to be a good saleswoman……lol!! Let me stop. But for real. I be gettin mean mugs from a lot of those chicks. I’m no going to lie, most of them are very nice, but it’s just those few.

Something keeps biting me and I don’t know what the hell it is….I’m about to get in the shower and lysol this chair cuz I think my cat’s been sitting in it….

luv ya!


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