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Sooooo…..I Was Reading Some New Comments….

Posted on: July 14, 2008

Just a couple of seconds ago. Some from a poster named MSU student. I always read my comments as you know, and I believe that this deserved some lil extra attention. His/Her (more than likely a her) comments are on 2 later posts The one about my 15 minutes of shame being up, and the one about HBCUs and BET. Before I write what I write, I would like to say that I’m not trying to start any e-beef, I am not a e-gangster. Anything that I would say up here I would say to a person’s face if I get pissed So here it goes.

Basically, I’m not going to touch on the incident in detail, but just to say that…..for the 13 millionth time. Everyone makes mistakes!!!! I don’t think that what I did was any worse than people smoking weed in the back of Rawlings, or the way females dress when they go out to the club. And since you are a MSU student, you must have seen me walking to class or back to my dorm(I mean you can’t miss me, people make a ruckus everytime I would walk into the USC, I carry myself like a respectable lady. Even when I go out, I’m wearing more clothes than most of the girls standing in the line to get in combined. I am not a trashy girl, I don’t carry myself that way. People who know me know that. But I slip up ONE  time and I’m the school hoe? I think that’s fucked up,and that’s the reason why I don’t want to go back to a HBCU. It’s not that I hated Morgan. Actually, I loved Morgan as a school. It is a great school with great teachers. I said I didn’t like the students there….some of them. Because of their childish ways and abilities to act like stereotypical judgemental black people. I’m not saying that they were all like that, just most, and I couldn’t take their ignorance. The fact that the one girl, who rarely did anything sexual…..has NEVER had sex, is being put out there as the school slut while there are chicks still there, that I know for a fact where putting out to multiple dudes, sex, oral, everything, and they’re looking like saints, and calling me nasty. That’s what I couldn’t stand, so I left. Was thinking about coming back though, only to laugh at some of those ignorant assholes who would still be talking about it after all this time. As for me. Im through with it. It’s past me. Why am I writing this then? Because I’m frustrated, and irritated with people not knowing the whole story and wanting to throw stones at me based on half-truths and rumors. Everything up here is the truth, or is the truth at the time that I wrote it. For example, what I wrote about BET. I still think it’s a sellout and a bunch of hypocritical BS, but I love the BET Awards and yes I watched it. But what I wrote at the time was the truth,what I’m writing now is the truth. If you want the truth come to my blog, or write me on Facebook or Myspace. I would give out my email, but I never check it. Depending on what it is concerning I will tell you the truth,or nothing at all.

But like I said again. I’m not trying to start any beef, I’m just getting my point across….


2 Responses to "Sooooo…..I Was Reading Some New Comments…."

As humans which I know you are you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! People make mistakes, its a way of life. What you did was not in good taste but as you said the girls who go to the club dressed like they’re auditioning for the “tip-drill” video they do that in bad taste also. What I’m saying is regardless if you were at a HBCU or not people still would have made fun of you so that’s not an excuse. What you do people do it ALL the time on campus just not on video with KNOWN PEOPLE. And not saying that you have to prove anything to anyone because you definately don’t but the same way Domo shortly “found god” after the tape you suddenly “became a lady” and you said on the tape that you had sex before but we’re not even going to get into that. What I’m saying is live your life and do what you gotta do, however don’t blame MSU students for criticizing you because once it hit the web it was there for EVERYONE in the world to say whatever they want to say.

This is just funny cuz you right babes its probably a million other girls who have done the same thing, but they just havent been exploited ya know, kind of like black gurls vs. white gurls, white gurls do a lot of shit but just don’t really get exploited but black women get exploited for everything. Whats funny are the comments we all done did something stupid whether were saved or not, but people aint gonna understand that cuz they wasn’t exploited you was,so if I was you i wouldn’t even comment to nobody about it you say you “didn’t know he was going to put it online” okay i was’nt there I just heard about one day in phil class, when a female had mentioned it during a conversation about sex, its funny how all ya’ll celebrities now, dominque, and carl when peepz see them on campus all its like they celebs its funny lmao, I guess you gotta a college story huh

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