Life of the College Girl

I Have Internet Again….

Posted on: July 14, 2008

Yay!!! For how long? I have no clue. It’s slow as hell but it gets stuff done.

Anyway, How have I been? I’ve had my ups,my downs,some more ups,and some more downs….I lost a pound this week….yay! But other than that…just working….

I’ve also been thinking a lot about my love life. Will I ever find that special someone? Is he right there under my nose? I don’t know. The one I’m talking to now is so obsessed with my past that he can’t even think about a future with me. It’s to the point that he actually read my text messages!!! And he wonders why I’m pissed. Why would what I did before you have anything to do with us now?

That for some reason got me thinking about how people talk about certain people and celebrities and there mates. Saying things like “how can you date that slut” and such. I butt in and say, maybe that fine brotha doesn’t care about her past because it didn’t concern him. If she’s a sweet caring person with a great personality and she just happens to make one terrible mistake that would forever have her label as some promiscuous individual,and it was in her past,and she has  learned from it…..why should that one mistake prevent you from being in a relationship with a good women?

It’s crazy how men think these days,and women too. But I’m going to save that for another post…..

But yeah I was just poppin in to tell you that my Internet is working again. Some of ya’ll might have read my Myspace blog entry, but if not…now you know….

Luv ya!!!


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