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I Need Some Advice…..

Posted on: June 24, 2008

How do I tell my other Guys that I’ve chosen one to be my boyfriend?

Ok so as you all know, I’ve been talking to 6 or 7 guys since I’ve been back home. Some hubby material, the rest…not so much. Well, I think I’ve found my match. He’s my new one. We’ve been talking for a while and it’s like we have so much in common. He’s like the male version of me,it’s crazy. Anyway, I think we’re getting kinda serious with each other,and even though I wouldn’t call him my boyfriend just yet….I think it might come to that. The thing is I still have my other 6 blowing up my phone, so I’m wonder….if or when that time comes how do I tell the others? The one thing I fear is them being mad at me, like I still want to be friends. And what do I do about the one who already thinks I’m his grlfriend even though I’ve told him numerous times that I’m not. I think he might go psycho on me.

Anyway, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Ladies,Guys, do ya’ll have any advice? Have ya’ll ever been in this situation? Please let me know….

Luv ya!


2 Responses to "I Need Some Advice….."


If you play the field, then accept the consequences. The fact is if some dude is feeling you and you drop the bomb that you were messing with 6 other guys at the same time… he’s going to be mad. The dudes that are messing with 5 or 6 other girls at the same time… not so much. Just be woman enough to tell them straight up and keep it moving. Some dudes will be cool with it because they aren’t THAT attached to you anyway. The others… they’re gone. That’s price when you play at being a playah. Some people just want to be with a good person that wants to be with them, not competing with 6 other dudes. So, just do the right thing by letting the other guys know what your decision is and let the chips fall where they may. In the end, you’ll have less pressure, you’ll be able to concentrate on one man [hopefully he’ll only have you to concentrate on], and the other dudes can get on with their day [with or without you]. In the game of love, you can’t expect to have it all and hurt a person at the same time.

Been there, done that.

i have a friend who has a similar situation. and she admits she already likes the other guy. problem is, the other guy doesn’t want to let go and the other who she already likes is already giving up coz they’ve been courting her for many months now. now she’s having a headache. my experience on the other hand, if i don’t like the dude, i won’t let him anywhere assuming things like i might like him when i’m ready. if i don’t like him, i won’t let him court. it makes the problem easy.

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