Life of the College Girl

Kim Kardashian

Posted on: June 22, 2008

I’m going to take the time out to devote a whole blog entry to the beautiful Kim Kardashian. One of the people that I admire, and aspire to be like.

Ok, before ya’ll come up here and ask me why I wanna be like her, call her all these names and such, and say that’s she’s not someone I should aspire to be like because all she’s known for is a sextape,etc. Let me tell you why I look up to her. She is a strong confident woman. Something I want to be. She’s a business women, and she has Reggie Bush. Ok maybe I don’t want Reggie, but if I could get Darren,Percy, or Jamarcus I would be alright…lol.

But naw, I’m tired of hearing people calling her a hoe and what not. Saying that she gets around. How do you know that? Do you hang out with her on a regular basis? Isw it because she’s dated a lot of celebrities? What the fuck do you expect? She lives in Beverly Hills!!!! Her childhood friends are people like Paris Hilton! Her step-father is Bruce Jenner!!!!!! And ya’ll wanna act like you done have sex with your boyfriends or girlfriends, because of ya’ll do accorrding to what you say about Kim , ALL YOU DIRTY MUTHAFUCKAS ARE HOES!!!!

Anyway I really think she’s a beautiful person inside and out, and this is based on what I’ve seen on television, read on her blog,and in interviews. She reminds me of a happier version of myself, like that is what I would be like if I could put all this shit behind me and start really loving myself. That’s why I look up to her. Sure, we may of had similar unfortunate internet experiences,and that may have something to do with it, but the more I learn about her that more I she that she is everything I want to be in life. I would love to have 2 businesses,a Bentley,Percy Harvin and starring in a movie by the time I’m 28. That’s what I really want,and just seeing her motivates me to continue working for those goals….and working out everyday (I love her bod). lol.

So yeah, if Kim is reading this right now(I doubt it) I just want her to know, that if with all your haters you have one true fan in me.


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thank you very much.nice blog

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