Life of the College Girl

1 More Day Until I Leave…

Posted on: May 15, 2008

I’m excited, yet sad. Like I’ve been wanting to go home since Februrary, but I know I’m going to miss my friends, and I’m just starting to love the city. But I think I love mine more….lol. But my friends are the only reason why I want to come back next semester, but I don’t think I’ll be healthy here. Like I’ve been feeling my body changing every since the first night I was here next semester,I just don’t like this feeling.

All in all, I’m ready to go home and get a job, start working out, and GET MY HAIR DONE!!! Yeah I bought 2 new wigs, but one of them is messing up my hair line, plus I love my real hair! I want to grow it out for the summer, maybe dye it light brown again. Just let the pros do it and take care of it. Start buying stuff for my skin. This cleanser by Mario Badescu, I thought it was some generic cleanser that my sister left in my bathroom when she came home the last time. Then I realized that if it belonged to my sister, it’s nowhere near generic, it cost at least $40 a bottle. For the cleanser and toner it was $30, but it’s worth the money. She left the Acne Facial Cleanser and the Cucumber Cleansing Lotion(which is actually toner), both were $15 and you can either buy then from the Mario Badescu online store, or Nordstroms. I used from the beginning of the semester until I ran out, and my skin was as smooth and as clear as a baby’s bottom. I haven’t found anything, not even Pro Activ that works this good. A lot of celebrities use it , including the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

I’m going to finally start losing weight. I’m using Sparkpeople to help me out with that. I tried then 2 times before but it didn’t work because I wasn’t following their rules and I didn’t see results 2 days after I started. This time I’m actually reading the articles and the diet overview,and I’ve lost 2 ppounds already! They have me losing about 15 pounds by the beginning of September, but I want to be down 10 pounds,and toned, by my birthday, and by September I want to be mistaken for Beyonce….lol…really. Using Sparkpeople, I think I may reach my goal.

I can’t wait to go home, yeah I’m going to miss my friends, but I just don’t think being here will be right for me. I think I need to go home and just better prepare myself for being away from my family. I’ll just stay home, go get a job, go to a community college, try and get an apartment,and then maybe by the time I finish up at CC and get ready to go back to a university, I’ll be ok and know how to deal with things better.


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