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No Longer an HBCU College Girl?| BET is a Sellout!!

Posted on: May 13, 2008

I’ve been thinking about this lately. What am I really getting out of this school other than another 4 years of high school like behavior? And it’s going to be the same at the school I was planning on transferring to,so maybe an HBCU isn’t for me. Like ever since the incident I have felt very distant from black people. Not to say that my true friends didn’t help me out, they did, but other than that, I’ve been bombarded with ghetto,childish,stereotypical,hypocritical African Americans. That’s not what I came here for. I came here for a COLLEGE education in a COLLEGE atmosphere. Not and college education in a high school atmosphere. I can’t take it, so this is what I’m going to do. Go to a community college for a couple of semesters,and then transfer to a predominately white college. One with a good Business program, maybe John Hopkins. I love their campus, but that’s a medical school. Or maybe something in state like William and Mary or ODU, it’ll still be close. I should of applied to ODU in the first place,like everyone was telling me to. 

But really. I think it’ll be so much better that way. Stay at home for a couple of semesters,and then I’ll hopefully be ready to leave the nest again and go to a better university, because I will not get anything but a lot of pain from being at a HBCU. I can’t deal with this. Even watching College Hill(I hate that show, every time I watch it, it makes me hate black people a lil more, but it’s addicting) like it makes me sick that these very smart young black people,are out in public acting like assholes. You can’t take them anywhere fancy without them messing it up. It’s ridiculous,and I see those same type of people on campus now, so I guess it’s all in the raising. Or maybe it’s the media. I rarely watch BET anymore because I feel like its videos and some of its shows are helping in the corruption of black people. The Boondocks weren’t lying, seriously! The 2 shows that were bashing BET that got banned? They weren’t lying about BET. Black Entertainment Television, It’s not television for entertaining blacks, it its televisions that turns blacks into entertainment,and who are they entertaining? WHITE PROPLE!!! Why else do you think they sold out to Viacom? The owners of Nickelodeon, MTV,VH1,Comedy Central,and CMT. Think about what all these have in common. What is one of VH1’s top rated shows? The Flavor of Love,or maybe I Love New York. And of course these shows defianately show blacks as well educated, highly respected, people in society…don’t they? BET is a SELL OUT!! I mean come on!!! Have you ever seen more than 10 black people on MTV at one time? I’m not talking about MTV2, but MTV, the stations that basically caters to white folk. Then why in the HELL was there a College Hill Marathon on MTV last year? I’m tired of this! I wish that we as black people could uplift each other and quit giving in to such a station who puts on the facade of being Television for the African American community, but in all reality, it’s selling us to the white man as entertainment for him to imitate and mock as though he was in blackface. I mean I don’t think it was BET’s intentions to be like this when it first aired, but now that it is the way it is, we as black people should take a stand. We should QUIT WATCHING BET!!!! QUIT WATCHING FLAVOR OF LOVE!!! QUIT WATCHING ANYTHING THAT DEGRADES AND MAKES A MOCKERY OF BLACK FOLKS!!!! I’m not even gonna lie, it’s going to be hard for me to quit College Hill and FOL, but we are going to have to do this!!! To prove to BET and Viacom that they are doing something wrong,and are exploiting and degrading African Americans for entertainment and it’s not right. 

Basically I’m writing all of this because I think that BET tends to contridict themselves. For example they had this whole little round table discussion about how music videos today exploit women. They had Melissa Ford and Nelly, TI and everybody talking about how the rappers are degrading women in their videos. Well, WHO SHOWCASES THESE VIDEOS??? I mean come on!! You are BET!!! You can QUIT SHOWING THE VIDEOS!!! I mean if you can take BET uncut off the air completely, you can stop showing videos that degrade women all together…..

Well there’s my rant about BET…lol. Tell me what you think. If I decide to go on with this protest, I’m going to make it a page on my blog,and start a petition if there isn’t one already…

Luv ya!



1 Response to "No Longer an HBCU College Girl?| BET is a Sellout!!"

You said you went to a HBCU for a “COLLEGE EDUCATION” but at the same time you should have known that doing what you did you were going to get riduculed nd thats at ANY school that you go to. And in all honesty if you go to a predominately white school it may have been worse because they would have put you in the category of “the nasty black girl” so don’t say that it was Morgan that gave you a bad name it was YOU that gave you and shed light on the “after hour” things that happens at Morgan.

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