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My May Resolutions…..

Posted on: April 30, 2008

Yeah I believe that it’s easier to make them every month, rather than every year, and May is just a couple of hours away so I guess I’ll start a lil early. I haven’t been sticking to them lately, due to …obvious things. But starting this month, with my 90th post(only 10 away from my 100th post extravaganza!!…lol), I going to get my ass back on track….so here it goes:

1. Read the Bible– Yeah, a lot of ya’ll been tellin me I need Jesus,and I shouldn’t of had an excuse to not be reading it anyway. My Bible stays on my refridgerator, by my bed, all day long. It’s there right now under my keys, my calculator,and an order out menu, so I guess I need to go and read that. Plus there are some scriptures in the Mariah Carey song I’ve been meaning to look yeah.

2. Ace my exams
– Yep, that’s going to be easy, but at the same depending on the course. English will be easy as pie, but Swahili, even though I love that class, I’m stressin
over the lab part because I’ve only been down to the lab once this whole semester. But my other courses should be easy.

3. Lose some weight by my Bday– Yeah I know I’ve been trying to do that for a minute, but with all that’s been going on, and my eating habits changing because of it, it hasn’t been going too well. But since I’m leaving for home in a couple of weeks I can get back to really working out and eating right,and hopefully I can be bikini ready by the end of June.

4. Start getting ready for cheerleading tryouts– They may let me on the team, they may not,but if I make it I don’t want to give them a reason to kick me off, other than that. I want the process to be painful too, so I’mma do all I can to try and be the best cheerleader on that team. So I’ll be in them cheer gyms for hours…after I’mma need money to do all this stuff, so this leads me to numero cinco….

5. Get a job-In order to pay my tuition, buy my clothes and my sexy bikini,and pay for my tumbling classes,I’m going to need money. The only way I can get money, other than asking my mom, is to get a job. So I’ll start searching online now,and then when I get home start filling out applications in-store. And for all of you who say that I can’t get a job, well for now I’ll be able to get a summer job while I’m in college, and after that, both of my parents own their own businesses and I’m planning on starting and buying businesses so I have nothing to worry about.

6.Start saving for my 19th Birthday Super Sexy Crazy Extravaganza!!!– I know it’ll be almost impossible to save up the amount I want in a month and a half, but I to have at least $300 saved up for my Bday, unless my mom pays for my hotel room. Even though my birthday is June 30th, I love celebrating it on the beach on the 4th of July in an oceanfront hotel room watching the fireworks. Then going out I know my present to my self is going to run between 30 and $100 more than likely on the $100 side because I don’t know how the silver will react with my skin, and the gold usually costs more(hint, hint). I hope it isn’t painful…n I hope I can get in the water afterwards…

7. Getting Lucky– I don’t know why I’m putting this up here, but hey it’s here. Like the saying goes….”Whatever happens, happens” and it might happen before the end of this week. It may not happen by the end of this week, it may not happen this month, but if it does….then…it does…nuff said!

8.Learn to love myself
– This should actually be above my last one, but cause you know “getting lucky”, number 7? You caught that? So yeah. I really need to love myself before anyone can love me, so I’m going to be working on that.

– Really! Contrary to popular belief, I am a very shy person. I’m afraid to hurt people’s feelings, I don’t speak up, I’m a mousey lil heffa! I’ll be think stuff and I really wanna say it but I don’t because I get scared or nervous. I need to snap out of that. I need to find my voice and blast the volume on it. That’s the only way I’m ever going to get what I want. Being assertive,and stop worrying about people’s feelings so much, because for the most part, they aren’t worried about mine…

10. Party Like a Celebutaunte!!!-I can never forget that, my job and my money comes first, but after the work day is done…I can “party like a rock,party like a rock star”! But for real I’m going to get out to some clubs dance on some dudes, dance by myself, dance on some tables…..and just party!!! I wish my cousin what old enough to go clubbin with me….she got another year, but I’ll still go out by myself and get LOOSE!!!

So thooooose are my May resolutions!!! What do you think of them? I know I could of added more, like starting my new woredrobe and loving being single, but I thought these were the most important. I wanted it to be in order of most important to least, but it jumbled up towards the middle. I need to start thinking with my Kardashian jetset, celebutaunte , business woman, making money, and partying state of mind. If I want to be a celebrity, I need to start acting like I already am. Like the papparazzi is already following me. Make them say “who’s that?” and “is she famous?” I need to start dressing, looking, and acting like it. But it all starts with me loving myself, unconditionally and staying close to my faith and my family. That’s what my Grandma would have wanted, since faith and family is basically the same thing in my family. I may start tonight with reading the Bible,it’ll calm my nerves before I go to bed.

Well Top Model is on and South Park comes on at 10 so let me get ready to get to bed….Luv Ya!


2 Responses to "My May Resolutions….."

Hi College Girl,

Sorry I haven’t posted to you since February! Please know that I did visit your blog a couple of times to see how you were doing.

As for your May resolutions, I think it’s great to see that you are moving forward and making plans for yourself. That’s the spirit!!

And hey, your birthday is the day after mine! I’ll be celebrating hitting the 37-year mark on June 29th. Cancers in the house! (We are soft hearts, aren’t we?)

I have also decided to do some nice things for myself, one of which is to work with a particular type of energy healer (long story!)

You say you’ll be reading the Bible, and I wonder if you belong to a church or are able to attend any Bible classes? Depending on the quality of the church, they can be helpful in clarifying and putting the things you read in proper perspective.

I’m going to be taking three classes at my church in May. One is on making space for God; the second is on using African American prayer traditions; and the other is a weekly meeting for women only. I’m really interested in the last one because, even though I’ll be 37, I’m still growing and always in need of guidance on how to be a woman of God.

Well, good luck with your classes, young lady. Yes, you will ace them! I’ll be checking back with you soon. God bless!



I just wanted to come back and post again because I just read some of your posts from April. It sounds like it was a really hard month for you. What I want you to know is that I respect you SO MUCH for going forward with your life in the face of all the insensitivity and negativity directed at you from without, and all the pain and hurt you feel from within. I REALLY DO!

Sometimes we judge ourselves so harshly for our mistakes (and other people judge us so harshly too) that mentally and emotionally it becomes hard for us to even live with ourselves. That you have been fighting that battle, and reclaiming your right to the life God gave you; and reclaiming your right to redemption, rebirth, and renewal, makes me SO PROUD OF YOU!! When you are crying at night, give your pain over to God. Pray for him to lift it off of you, and keep praying for it, because S/He will.

I also wanted to tell you that there are some books I find very helpful that I would like to recommend to you:

1. A Course in Miracles (if you can follow this book – it can be somewhat difficult to read – you’ll know that God and Jesus love you through thick and thin!)

2. “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson (this is based on the book “A Course in Miracles” and is easier to read. Because it is shorter and easier to read than the actual Course in Miracles, you may want to start with this one first. THIS IS A GOOD BOOK TO READ for a young lady who is learning to love herself!! : )

3. “A Woman’s Worth” by Marianne Williamson. Another excellent book…the title says it all.

4. “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. The author of this book was suffering with a real hatred for himself that unexpectedly dissipated one night when he realized his true self and became what in some traditions call “enlightened” or “illumined.”

Tolle offers a form of meditation that allows us to live in the present moment and access the power of right now. Each and everyone of us are, in some way or on some level, trying to transcend the past. This is a book for people who want to achieve that transcendence permanently in their own consciousness such that there is no past or future, only right now.

Brittani, all of the books I have recommended will give you a vastly different perspective on life, and all of the illusions we live and labor under as human beings. “A Course in Miracles” is especially helpful in overcoming feelings of fear, shame and guilt.

Sending you love and lots of good wishes,

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