Life of the College Girl

The Ted Ginn Jr. of Cheerleading….

Posted on: April 17, 2008

I bet you’re asking why Ted Ginn jr.? Well because in a way I think we have a lot in common. He started training for track in middle school, I started cheering in middle school. People used to tell him he was too small to play football, people told me I was too fat and my boobs were too big to cheer. He suffers from a learning disability and because of that it takes him longer to learn certain things, I suffer from ADD and without adderall I cannot concentrate on anything for a long time. We are both the youngest in our family,and we both wear glasses(well I’m always in my contacts but still we both can’t He never gave up and look at him now, 1st pick for the Miami Dolphins and 9th overall at the 2007 draft, a starting WR/Punt returner in the NFL,and he’s He inspires me and on top of that, his dad, Ted Ginn sr., is a great guy. They way that he helps out his community and not to mention that he is one of the best high school football coaches in the word, like seriously, he produced like 3 or 4 NFL players..he’s great. I really want to meet him,and his son. That would be one of the happiest days of my life. Just to hang out with Ted jr. for a day and then just chill and get some advice from his dad on just some things that are going on in my life….it would be great….

….So how and I like him? Well the fact that I never gave up even after everyone said I couldn’t do it. I’m doing everything that can be done to get cheer again even if that means taking tumbling classes 3 times a week,and going running and lifting weights everyday. I want this so bad…

…But at the same time, I don’t think I got the same personality as him. I have more of a Troy Smith/Percy Harvin personality. I’m very competitive in everything,even things that aren’t even supposed to be competitive. I compete with people and they don’t even know I’m competing with them. I love to win,and I get mad when I don’t,even though sometimes I don’t show it I do. I get really angry when things don’t go my way, sometimes I get violent…and then there’s my actions….anyway…but like them I’m going to try and change all that…I wish I had my own personal Ted Ginn sr. to give me a “Talking to” like he did for Troy…..

As ya’ll can see, I look up to a lot of athletes, especially football players, more specifically Plaxico Burress. I love the way he helped out his,our, community and school. I actually got to experience his contributions like the Thanksgiving dinner he does each year,and my high school’s football and basketball teams’ uniforms always look nice thanks to him,he even has his own day! Now only if he actually lived down here. I mean if you can get a house in Florida, you can get one out the Beach…seriously. Move into the neighborhood where Pharrell, Timbaland,and them live,or something! I wanna run into you at Mac Arthur too!!!! I’m getting tired of seeing the same ol’ celebrities in there(even though the only I’ve ever saw there was Pusha T from the Clipse,but still)!!!

But yeah, it doesn’t say anywhere that a cheerleader can’t look up to football players. I love football and football player, not only for their good look and nice bodies, but for what they do in the community. The football players I look up to are good people and they do good things for their hometown. I love that about them, though people always want to point out the bad in these guys, I always try to look at the good. They’re all good guys who just made bad choices(well I can’t say all,but most). I can relate to them in a lot of ways,and that’s why I look up to them, because I can relate. There aren’t too many female celebs or athletes that I can relate to. I mean there’s Kim K for obvious reasons(We both have really big asses…lol),but that’s about it. I can’t relate to Beyonce,or Mariah Carey(even though I love her),maybe Britney Spears,but other than that I can’t relate to any other living female celebs…

…Speaking of the Kardashians, the more I watch that show, the more I notice that Kim ,her sisters and her mom are a lot like me,my sisters,and my mom,but a lot crazier. My Oldest sister is Kourtney because she’s the business women type, the classy one. My middle sister is Kim because she models and she’s the diva of the family. And I’m Khloe because I’m the youngest and I’m different from the other 2. My mom remind a lil bit of Kris,but less crazy…lol. We are all very close,and we have a lot of fun together when we’re not fighting…so yeah….

…ok I’m getting bored now, I guess I’ll get some applesauce and rest out until my friend calls me…we’re supposed to be going somewhere…I wonder where he’s taking me….I don’t know..oh well..peace out all!

Luv Ya!


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