Life of the College Girl

Following My Passions at Any Cost….

Posted on: April 16, 2008

I have a passion for 3 things;cheerleading, dancing, and entertaining, which in a way ties all these things together. It’s in my blood to be an entertainer, I turn into a different person when I’m performing. Usually I’m shy, don’t say much,and keep to myself, but when I’m in front of a crowd, either dancing or cheering I turn into a different person. I’m not shy, I’m the loudest person on the team,and I just show out and try to impress. When tryouts come around I’m never scared. Even if I mess up, I know that I can quickly recover and not miss a beat. If I do miss a beat however, no body will notice it…lol……

…Anyway I saw the cheerleading tryout flyers posted while I was walking to get some lunch,and I got excited but at the same time upset, because even though I really want to cheer here, one of the best in the MEAC, I know I can’t because I don’t have school spirit anymore. I don’t love this school like I use to, why love a school that doesn’t love me? I believe that the school I’m transferring to has love for me,and I know it has love for my family so I have a feeling that I will love that school. Even if I do come in contact with the same people like I did here, at least I know I can get away from them when I need to. And I know for sure that I will ALWAYS HAVE CABLE!!! I don’t know what the hell is wrong with the cable in here, but it’s always going out. I missed the biggest loser finale because of it, just when the last person was going to weigh in it turned off….They aren’t trying very hard to get me to love this school….

….I don’t need the tv anyway, I need to be working on my assignment that is due tomorrow,and studying for my test for tomorrow,and working on my presentation that is due next tuesday, that has to have a visual with it….I think that if I work on that this week I’ll get a lot of recent articles on mental health and gun control seeing that this is the 1 year anniversary of the VT shootings….I might use that as my opener, anyway I’m going to start on that, throw out the remains of my shrimp pasta which is mostly shrimp because the shrimp didn’t taste right and it smells like a kuderschmit on day 3 or 4 of the punctuation week, I know I’m on day 4 now and um……nevermind ya’ll don’t need to know that…anyways let me go and try to get my GPA

Luv Ya!


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