Life of the College Girl

Better than Yesterday…..

Posted on: April 10, 2008

But I still don’t feel like myself. My body is so weak from not eating. I have to force myself to eat now,even if I don’t want to I do. I get so sick afterwards that I go in the bathroom and try to throw it up, but I can. No matter how far I stick my fingers down my throat, it won’t come out…..

…I’m a lil bit better from yesterday, I’ve been talking to a few people,but really, I still hate leaving my room. I really want to go home, but my mom hasn’t called me all day. I don’t know if I should book my ticket, or if I’m even going so I can go to the ATM. I really need to know and its pissing me off that she’s not answering her phone. And when she did, she was at the bank, now I doubt that I’m going home because the banks are closed and she can’t put money in my account, plus my doctor’s office is closed now and I can’t set up an appointment. I texted her earlier today to get the number but she never texted me back. I can stand this I want to go home, I don’t want to be here right now, and the only way I’m going to be able to do that without flunking theater is with a doctor’s note!

Anyway, I’m feeling really dizzy now, I can barely write let alone sit up, I’m going to try and eat, and then go to sleep…..


1 Response to "Better than Yesterday….."

Ummmm, I wanted 2 let u know dat people truly do understand u, everybody not out 2 criticize u cuz its not n our right. Everybody has done their share of dirt, just bcuz it wasnt caught on tape doesnt make it any better. I just wanted 2 say u gotta friend if need b. I left a message n a friend request on ur myspace page under the name Koolaid. I took da time out 2 read ur blogs n I think its really cool how u express ur feelings on here n not worse ways. But anyways read da message I sent u cuz I really think itll help, not sayin dat u need help, but ull get wat Im sayin

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