Life of the College Girl

Why am I Angry Today?

Posted on: April 3, 2008

I really don’t know, I mean last night was great,I slept well,I don’t know….I can’t be on my period,I just had,but I’m having the symptoms…weird………Anyway I’m don’t have any specific topic that I want to write on,as usual so I’m just going to clear my head….ok? Alrighty then….

…..I’m really ready to get back to cheering. It’s my passion,and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill it. I’m going to e-mail the coach at the school I’m transferring to so that I will know what the requirements. From what I heard you don’t need to know how to tumble, but I’m going to take classes anyway. At least get a back handspring and back tuck. I need to drop some pounds too. I want to be a lil bit smaller than I was when I was cheering in high school. I want to be around 145 or 140. I want to look good in that uniform…lol….

..I’m feeling so itchy!!! I think it’s my room because I don’t feel like this when I’m in class. I may need to just disinfect everything. My chair has been making me itchy forever, I have my Ravens blanket on it now…..

…I should be in Sociology today,but I just dont feel like it….I’m to tired….I’m going to sleep…


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