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It’s Mid- Terms Week….

Posted on: March 17, 2008

so you know what that mean…..I’M GOING HOME ON FRIDAY….YAY! No,but seriously it mean that I will be study all week long. So I may not be up here this week, or next week for that matter, so don’t be alarmed when I don’t post for a bit, I’m just either studying or trying to get away from it all. I may still, however, try to make some more layout, Maybe experiment with pictures when I get a real I should, hopefully, have my phone by the end of my vacation too. It’s going to be a PDA, either a Black Jack or a Blackberry,so I’ll be able to type on the go. I tried that with my phone now,but blogger mobile just doesn’t work with it, so hopefully, with my smart phone of choice, I’ll be able to write while I’m in class, eating, or anytime I’m not by a computer…yay!

So yeah just checking in for the week, you got my Myspace and Facebook, I’m than likely going to be up there rather than here while I’m “studying” mainly Facebook, so I hope everyone has a great 2 weeks, and I’ll talk to ya later!

Love ya!


3 Responses to "It’s Mid- Terms Week…."

I’m tryin to fuck too girl

Who are you? Mad disrespectful……

ditto… Dude needs to get a life! Girl I would suggest don’t even waste your time to answer these assholes. Just delete the comments and move on

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