Life of the College Girl

Laundry Day!!!

Posted on: March 14, 2008

I hope….I’m supposed to be getting my laundry money today….HAPPIEST DAY OF THIS WEEK!!! I mean I’m wearing my last 2 shirts as we speak,and depending on how much I have,I’m washing EVERYthing. That mean not only all my clothes and sheets,but my my rug as well(since I just found out it was machine washable)……..

…One week till I leave for Spring Break, I’m so excited. I miss home, I miss the malls, I miss the guys! Like for real. I miss VA guys. I google Percy Harvin every time I start to miss them too much. Yummy……mmmmmm…..anyway. It’s just something about them, they way they talk,they dress,their swagger, it’s just…yum!

But yeah speaking of Percy, why do I find it weird that he has fan sites? Maybe because I don’t consider him a big celebrity, never did. He just a dude who went to the school down the street from mine that I had a crush on in high school. I never really met him before for real for real, but I saw him checking me out at one of the basketball games….lol….not really….but really……lol. But yeah that’s crazy! But he is the shit. The fastest dude one Earth!!! Seriously, who can out run him? I really want to see that thing where they are going to be racing him for a scholarship, he gonna leave them folks in the dust,ain’t nobody gettin a scholarship,because they ain’t gonna beat him…..they not…for real……..

…But naw that’s my problem now, them damn athletes. I’m sorry if that’s what I’m attracted to. I mean I so different from a lot of girls my age. They’re into Chris Brown,I’m into Chris Wells aka “Beanie” Wells aka If somebody took JaMarcus Russell and Percy Havin and mixed them together…lol! I mean I would choose ESPN over BET anyday. I loves me some sports. By the way…THE PISTONS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!! Obviously! It wouldn’t be the playoffs without them. I don’t know what to say about the west though, the west is tight right now. One win or one loss can change everything over there. But when I checked the Lakers were number 1, that was last night,and then I think San Antonio. I really thik the Celtics got the Championship this year, I mean I love my Pistons to death,but they gotta play the Celtics and they 1-2 against them, sooooooo I don’t know. They need to step it up against them. I’m not too afraid of the Cavs thoughs, The Prince has been known to overthrow The King a few times, but then again the got my Boo Boo Ben Wallace now…so I don’t know. But they number 4 right now so I’m not too worried……

…..Oh Yeah Lebron James is going to be on the cover of Vogue for April……I HATE HIM!!!! I wanted to be on Vogue’s cover, and really, in the back of my mind, I thought I would be up there before Lebron James. LEBRON JAMES IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DOING VOGUE BEFORE ME!!!!! I hate him! Every Year! Every single mutha-fuckin year he finds a way of pissing me off! Last year with the Pistons,this year with Vogue, what you gonna do next year King? You gonna open your own damn clothing store that sells your “Lebrons” and various other athletic apparel and accessories that you have? You gonna sell Bubble Yum,Powerade,and Sprite at the front of the store? You gonna get Ted Ginn Jr. and Troy Smith to model for you? Gonna get Beyonce and various other people I may choose to be in my clothing ads, to model for your women’s line? Yes Lebron, yes just beat me to the chase every damn time, go ahead, I don’t care…just don’t let me see you in the streets. See that’s why I can’t never bee with an Ohio dude. Yeah they sexy as hell, they accent is just arousing,but they just piss me off, Allen Iverson never pissed me off, why? CAUSE HE’S FROM VIRGINIA! Hampton or Newport News to be exact…can’t stand them damn Ohio people!…….You know I’m lyin’! I love you ol’Buckeyes just as much as I love my Lovers/Hustlas……..Kisses!


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