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It’s My 60th Post….

Posted on: March 12, 2008

My goodness! This is my longest going blog ever in the entire life of my life! LOL! Like I have had numerous other blogs, but I was just too lazy to keep it up. I’m really think about buying a domain name for this page. Some like College Girl lol. That sounds kinda pornish though, trying to stay away from that industry…far,far,away……

Speaking of that,my people have told me to quit talking about the incident, so after this post, in which I’m just going to state very non specific facts, there will be no more speaking of the “Infamous…”. Just wanted to let ya’ll know that everything worked out for the better for the guy. He is going to graduate! I am so happy that everything worked out for him. I’m going to be honest, I did go through my stages of being angry at him (anyone who just happened to see my Writing Book knows about this), but for the most part, after I talked with him, I didn’t want anything bad to happen to him,because I really didn’t think that he put it out. I’m just sorry that this whole thing had to happen, during a time when both of us were making changes in our lives something so tragic and vile had to come about in the form of a road block on the way to success. I don’t know why this is so hard for me to write about. Maybe because in a lot of ways I blame myself solely for what he had to go through. In the beginning I was so closed minded, all I was thinking about was myself, and forgetting that I wasn’t the only one that had to go through this. I don’t want to believe that I am a bad person, but in a way I do believe that I deserve everything that people had said to me, as my punishment. All these rude comments,all these hurtful things, I deserve it, and I should just take it and move on. That’s what I’m trying to do now is move on with my life,take all of this as a lesson learned. I’m just so upset because I feel like I lost a friend,a really good friend. I doubt he wants anything to do with me now, but I think he’s online so I’ll write him a message. Though I don’t know what to write,but when my mind starts working and my fingers get to moving hopefully something will come out……..I’ll be back……..

….I’m back. Don’t know what I even put that there, it’s a blog post, no matter if I leave the computer or not it’s all going to be in the same Anyway, I just got done writing a message to him. Just a few words, nothing to sugary. I don’t know why I get so nervous when it comes to facing people. It’s crazy, but then again it’s my shyness. But yeah I said, this is more than likely going to be the final post on this topic. Not to say that I wont touch on it when someone leaves a not so pleasant comment,but I just don’t want to talk about it anymore, let it stay in the past where it should of stayed….

….Ok so um…….I have nothing to talk about now….lol…kidding! But for real, I have an athlete problem. I loves me some athletes! I can’t help it, just something about them. Maybe it comes from my cheerleading days, since that was all I was around, football and basketball player. But they never liked me though, don’t know why….maybe because they were stupid…I don’t know. Maybe because there were always rumors about me. Like for real, I never did anything while in high school, and if I did I didn’t tell anybody…well except PPC….shoutouts to the whole PPC…lol. I’m thinking about making a group on Facebook for the PPC, but there weren’t that many members. I may make one for the cheerleading squad though. I did start the one on Myspace…lol. I may do that. I need to start studying for my exam tomorrow for Sociology, but it’s going to be easy, stil I need to study. Also I want to learn how to make a blogger layout. I may start on that first….I always wanted to make my own for this site…..I’m thinking about, so it you see the blog looking all topsy turvy one day, you know I’m experimenting…lol. Anyway, I should get to gettin’. I’m watching an old school Jerry Springer show…look at the hair and the clothes from 98! WOW!!!!….Crazy….

Anyway I’m gone for the day…peace lovely people!
Loves ya!


3 Responses to "It’s My 60th Post…."

wassup boo, i lik wat u did wit da page

Seriously you need to stay away from college athletes. I think the general rule with college athletes is that most of them like to f*ck around with multiple women because they can. It doesn’t matter if its a University with a commuter campus and a Division 3 team, they know that the p*ssy is readily available. The ones that are actually down to be in a committed relationship (a VERY small percentage) usually go for the Hollywood type of female on campus i.e. Rhianna, Beyonce, Kerry Washington and/or Kim Kardashian clones.

My advice would be for you to avoid athletes, even at the new school you will transfer to. You don’t want some *sshole to acted all lovely dovey to you at first just so he can see how easy it is for you to preform sex acts. I hope you aren’t taking this as an attack because it is not. But as a result of this tape, which reached me in Boston, people will recognize you wherever you go and I don’t want some jerk to play you like that.

I feel like you will be able to meet a really nice guy that will understand that the tape was a naive mistake in your life and will love you for the sensitive beautiful person that you are. I also think that no matter how much you want romantic feelings for someone to be reciprocated, you NEED to keep in alot of young guys in college are dogs on the prey to find girls that will give up. Regardless if you’ve never had sex because this situation was filmed its almost assumed to men (and some women) that you’ve gotten down are are easy on that aspect. So PLEASE, BE CAREFUL.

I apologize If I have rambled a little bit. But just keep your head up

To Anonymous:
Thank you. That’s what I’ve been trying to do, because now everyone is watching me. It’s like every time I’m with a dude,especially a football player,I get these dirty “there she goes again” looks from girls. And it’s hard because I still have some friends that are athletes and it sucks that I can’t even hang out with them without someone thinking that I’m having sex with them.
Finding a mate isn’t my top priority right now though. I mean I have been talking to a few people, and going on a couple of dates but other than that, I’m more focused on school right now,and getting ready for cheerleading tryouts.

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