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How Tired Am I…..

Posted on: March 5, 2008

I’m real tired, thats how! I went to sleep at one because I couldn’t sleep. I really wanted to start on my paper last night,but didn’t feel like it. So today/tonight will be devoted to that. No hanging out today, wait till Friday…..

…Is it weird that my underwear always matches my shirt? Like I don’t even try anymore, it just happens now. It’s crazy….I’m crazy…anyway. Today I decided to listen to my VA mix,and I’ve realized that I am a Pharrell fan. Never really thought I was even though I liked his music,his voice,his body, his fineness,not a big fan of his rapping though,but everything else, oh and by the way THE NEPTUNES ARE 2 PEOPLE!!!! A lot of people don’t know that,it’s not only Pharrell, if it was he will be called the Neptune. People be forgetting about Chad,sexy ass Filipino man! He does stuff too!!! It’s just because P got all these other talents that he’s always in the lime light, but Chad is cool too. I think I have a crush on Chad. But he’s married so there’s no chance of me being Mrs. Hugo….damn! Wait…is he married? Remind me to google that,because if not then……..

……That’s my thing though,I can never date a guy in a relationship. I can’t be the other woman I gotta to be the only. I’m not a side dish, I’m like one of those bowls with the potatoes and steak, those meal bowls……very filling, you won’t have room for a side. But that’s just a turn off, I mean I can tolerate a dude with kids,as long as they not bad kids,and there is no baby mama drama…….actually, nevermind, I can’t date a dude with kidS maybe one, but not more than one,not even one for that matter, I’m not ready to be nobody’s mother yet. Maybe after I get my store off the ground, secure my acting career,and clothing line, marry Troy Smith,Jamarcus Russell,or Percy Harvin,and we’ve been together for a hot minute..then maybe…MAYBE..I’ll feel enough like Kimora Lee Simmons to have a child or 2, but until then…naw. I’m not going to have kids until I’m in my 30s at least. My friends used to tell me that was too old, and I was like what you mean that’s too old? When you want me to start 18? I mean I can see where they comin from seeing that a lot of the girls at my high school were pregnant either before or right after graduation. I went to the homecoming game and I couldn’t believe how many chicks either had bumps or strollers….it’s crazy!!! I mean I may have had a reputation, but at least I didn’t get knocked up. I don’t care if it belongs to your boyfriend…it’s your BOYFRIEND, NOT HUSBAND!!! A boyfriend is more than likely temporary, especially at that age. So why would you have a child with someone that is temporary? Plus some of them aren’t even completely grown yet, they haven’t seen anything yet, and now their experiences are going to be limited because a child……….

…I think that’s why I haven’t had sex yet. I can’t get pregnant yet. I don’t wanna slip up and get knocked up by a dude who doesn’t even care about me,or lies and tells me that he loves me then leaves after the baby comes. I can’t do that, I can’t go through that drama. So Troy,Jay,Perc I’mma need a ring and some “I dos” before we do the do….k? Alrighty then. Oh and speaking of them, I want to change my layout to one of them. I should take it upon myself to make a Percy layout, but I don’t have my photo editing software on my Mac, plus a hate this mouse…..NO RIGHT CLICK!!!!! How da hell I’m spose to do anything without a right click!?!?!? I’mma need to buy a mouse, or steal my mom’s over spring…but seriously though, I know she has 2, I’ve seent it…lol…..I should be going to class right now, but I’m going to be late today, just because…I’m feeling bad today. Actually no, it’s because I’m trying my damnedest to not cross paths with that guy, it’s mad awkward,and I can’t stand awkward moments. It’s hard because his class is in the same classroom before mine, I can’t stand it!!!!

But hey it’s Swahili and even though I love that class and folks in it, I don’t feel like dressing for them today. So raw, no make-up, barely matching, just being me like it’s a Saturday,or something. They’ll love it

I guess I should get ready for class,and then come back and either nap or eat and start on my paper…….

Oh yeah don’t forget to check out my myspace! It’s kinda dull, I have no friends,and there are no pictures of me up for obvious reasons…..but still holla at me….

Loves You!!!


1 Response to "How Tired Am I….."

hey whatas good cutie!
i havet written in my blog in liek a week but i am about to have a new post for you…. but i would like to take you out to dinner sometime hit me back!

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