Life of the College Girl

So I Guess I’m Leavin….

Posted on: March 3, 2008


With out-of-state tuition being high as hell I guess I’m going to be forced to go in state. I mean I’ve been wanting to leave here for a minute now, but with other things that came up, the only reason why I was staying was to prove to people that I wasn’t going to leave over this shit. But I realized something, I have nothing to prove to anybody. I’m going to leave because I want to,actually have to. People will think what they want,and I can’t control that. The only thing I can control is myself,so if my lack of money is the reasonwhy I’m leavin, then that’s my reason. Folks can interpret it any which way ,but just like the incident, I know what’s real……….

I’ll be back


3 Responses to "So I Guess I’m Leavin…."

I read about your situation on a number of sites since all of this blew up. I’m not commenting to judge you but to offer some wisdom. It’s good to see that you are trying to move forward and separate yourself from this situation but take it as it is: A Life Lesson Learned and making smarter choices. Love yourself and get your education but to do that, focus on what’s important. All that other crap (men (or boys), relationships) will fall into place later if the time is right. For now, stop posting pics of yourself all over the net and just let your words describe you (until the fascination of your issue has died down). People don’t need to see a picture of a person to visualize what they may look like. Leave that to their imagination. If you want to try to move on with a clean slate, don’t mention what school you are going too. Regardless, it’s going to follow you so be prepared to be heckled at your new school too if you choose to say where you are transferring. I saw many girls just like you my Freshman yr and that was 18 yrs ago. Many of them made the same mistakes and lacked self-esteem. Sleeping with the entire BBall Team or FtballTeam. That doesn’t bring acceptance that you are looking for. It only brings negative attention, a tarnished image that you are facing today or STD’s even worse AIDS. Remember physical beauty fades but inner beauty doesn’t. It continues to flourish and shine as you go through life. Your body is a temple, so treat it as one. Take care.

Peace and Many Blessings to you Young Lady.

Thank you so much. The thing about it is that it was hard for me to admit that I had low self-esteem,and that I craved attention. But I have definately learned from this,and I’m taking a different route. I thank God everyday that I didn’t catch anything(even though I didn’t have sex,you can still get something from oral). I’ve started taken alot of my pics down, I need to take the one I have up here down too,I just forget. But once again, thank you so much!

Hey Brit..Go back to Va and forget about this BS in your past..I just found out about you today, and I must say its really not a big deal..People are going to have their own opinions about everything..thats the way of the world..but they dont know you! so all I got to say to all the haters is F THEM…Do you..your in school get that education and live your life
1/2 of all the negative comments you probably got…all of them probably did the same thing!!

dont let it get to you!

take care and GOD bless

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