Life of the College Girl

So yeah I’m a Drug Dealer Now…..

Posted on: February 29, 2008

I’m worth like almost 3 mill. got 5+ mill in my pocket as of right now from jumpin people…lol!
Yeah I’m a Dopewars addict! It started out a couple of years ago on my cell phone on the school bus,but ever since Facebook put it online I’ve just been obsessed. I don’t even play it on Facebook anymore, I’m on the site with the big boys now,Click Here. You can do so much more like jump people,go to school,buy books,ride the subway,and much more. I don’t even sell drugs no more really. It’s hot though, it your looking for me up there, I’m in Dopewarz B12 and my name is Roxy Red….

Anyways other than that I’m feelin hella good. Gonna party tomorrow night, my first party all semester. But I’m really looking forward to class tomorrow. I love Mondays, Wednesdays,and Fridays. Only 2 classes,wake up at 9 go back to sleep at 12…..and my Swahili class…ya’ll already know. But for real, there is a bunch of hot guys in that class,seriously. I got my Ted Ginn Jr. Look-a-like,so sexy with them big lips and the fitted,and on top of all that, I think he runs track. And then there’s the sexy Football players, I know, I know I should stay away from them, but I just can’t leave’em alone. Like this one dude, I don’t really wanna describe him because he may be reading this but, I have a super crush on his ass! His sports playing ass! His Swahili taking ass, he could be my study buddy…studying Swahili n shit! And then there is my friend, let’s call him Henry Lowe. He is mad cute, I love his lips,but he’s just not for me. I think we are took much of friends for anything to pop off. I mean if it happens,it happens,but it best not be no cameras in the room! Dammit!

I guess after I get done writing I’ll go up 2 flights to see what my buds are doing. I loves those chicks, I have so much fun with them and they keep me laughing. We supposed to be going to the party together….I still have nothing to wear. Might wear my “Pretty Girl Jeans” and a top, or maybe my Ho Dress….lol,no seriously I feel like a ho in that dress. It’s too short n too tight and I usually wear it as a shirt over jeans or with tights,and even then I feel like a ho from the 80s! Matter of fact, I’m about to listen to my 80s ho song real quick……Vanity 6’s Nasty Girl. This is my shit! Wasn’t this Prince’s girl group? It has a Prince vibe to it,I need some more Prince on my playlist….why? Cause I can!

Anyway…I’m bout to get myself ready for tomorrow… ya!


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