Life of the College Girl

I’m So Tired!!!!

Posted on: February 29, 2008

I didn’t get to bed till like 1:30 or maybe 2? I’m so sleepy, I guess I’ll get a nap after my next class…you know what it is? LOL! Anyway,the party is tonight and I am definately going. I got the money, the outfit,well one of 3,and I’m just hype for it. Nobody can bring me down today! To my Facebook peoples,welcome by the way, I wrote a note last night. Where it came from, I don’t know… see what happens when I write half sleep. Just crazy stuff. But it was just of sample of some of the stuff I write up here, it may not be as poetic, but it’s usually the same.

Anyway,in theater today we were watching watching these minstrel shows on YouTube. Mad racist,I can’t stand Black Face. I mean if I was a slave back in those day, they would of whipped me to death because I wouldn’t have played that. Back in the day, when they had the Jim Crow laws,and what not….I couldn’t have been them. However, I do think that I would of been on the gate on who I would follow, Malcolm X or MLK,because even though I’m all for peace and stuff I could get a lil radical at times. I like Public Enemy though,so I don’t know……

So as you know, I added a song to my profile…again. I know, its been a while,but I really like this song though. However, if you don’t like the song, I put the player on the side rather than the bottom this time,and there is a stop button you can press…..

Anyway, back to the racist stuff. We watched some cartoons too, and it just pissed me off! Dammit Bugs Bunny! You’ve been my boo boo since the age of 1, and gotta find out through YouTube that you used to do Black Face? Black Face Bugs? Black Face? That’s it I’m through with you!!! I’mma holla at Tommy Pickles, he looks good now that he’s all growed up. But for real, there is a lot of Black Facelike cartoons out, well from what I seen. Like for example Goofy, the WB frog,a whole bunch of Looney Tunes, it’s crazy and I used to love these cartoons back in the day…it’s sad. My kids ain’t never watchin Looney Tunes!!! They’re only gonna watch Family Guy and the Simpson, maybe American Dad, and when they get a lil older the Boondocks, but no Looney Tunes!!! Them racist son’s of bitches! My kids are gonna watch South Park, like I did growing up……yeah…….so now you know why I’m so out of wack………

So yeah let me go and get ready for my Kiswahili class, I might even go to my lab sometime today….maybe…I’ll just double up next week….but no that may be he reason I won’t ace that class. I can never remember to go to my labs,but next week, I promise, I’m going…or maybe today if I have time. There just not enough hours in the day!!!!


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