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Some Chicks…..

Posted on: February 27, 2008

I don’t know what’s wrong with them, but I just glad I’m not like them. Keep in mind I said SOME CHICKS…I wonder if there is someway that I can make this bigger, either way the haters aren’t going to see it. But they usually only see my negative posts so they might….oh yeah HI HATERS!!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Anyways I don’t know whats up with some of these chicks. They’ll talk he talk, but they won’t do anything. I mean if you gonna talk shit, then why don’t you just say it to my face. That shows fear. When you can talk to your girls about this person or that person but you can’t say it to the person’s face it comes off as cowardly to me. Just straight out and tell me, don’t just say it loud enough for me to hear it, tell it to my fucking face! If you bad, be bad then,because I don’t back down….well unless it’s some stupid shit then I’ll just laugh in your face and keep it moving. Like people expect me to get pissed off over some stupid shit…..

… for example, people expect me to get mad over a dude calling me a bitch. Why? I am one sometimes,so? I mean it’s just as disrespectful for a girl to call another girl a bitch, but chicks don’t get rowdy until a dude says it. It’s like the word nigga, black people will say nigga until the end of time,but when a white person says it then we gotta riot and shit. That’s stupid,and when you ask them why they so pissed it’s because white folk been calling us that for years as a racial slur,and it’s disrespectful. SO WHY DA HELL YOU CALL YOURSELF THAT?!?!? I mean if it’s so damn degrading and disrespectful for a white person to say it, why must we call ourselves it?

Anyway, yeah I don’t get mad over someone calling me a bitch, because I am a bitch at times, especially when you’re on my bad side. Bitch has more than one term nowadays. A bitch can be a bossy lady who gets shit done. I get shit done. So yeah I am that bitch,and I am his bitch…..that’s why he always askin me for money…!!!!

However, if the term is untrue to me, then I go crazy start talkin about ya mama and shit. For example, I am not a hoe! Contrary to popular belief. Why I let ol’dude get away with callin me that shit is beyond me. I continue to swear on my life that that chick wasn’t me. SOME BITCH STOLE MY SKIN!!!! THAT WAS NOT ME IN THAT SKIN!!! Either that or I was on that Dr. Jekell/Mr. Hyde juice. I must have been in my left mind because if I was in my right mind that wouldn’t have came out his mouth to me……

Whatever though, I’m good…..I’m way over my predicted haters for the year. Even if you don’t think you’re a hater, to me,you’re a hater. I defined my Haters as people who don’t know me, who don’t like me off of who they think I am, a person who is just jealous of me, or people who spend too much damn time in my business. If you do any of the 3, then in my book you are a hater. I’ve only seen 1 hater up here lately,that person suffers from definition 1/3. The other one is this old bitch who got her own blog…I think she has all of the above…lol. But it’s all good though, I love all the same…..


3 Responses to "Some Chicks….."

hey sexy, i have been reading your blogs for a minute and have thought about what you have had to say and what all these other people are saying. You are a beautiful young lady, and you need to be treated as such, all these people that are acting funny and being an ass toward you need to look at themselves first. And that body imaging, i think that you are just fine the way you are…. write me back when you get a chance

LOL…you say the funniest but some true stuff! I love reading your blog…as I said before people acting like what happned in your situation was the worst thing ever. It’s not…hell, I’ve seen worse video’s out there. Being called a bitch doesn’t necessarily mean anything to me either. As long as you know who you are everythings cool!

To:all you want to know
Hi gorgeous! Thank you so much. That is so very true, but you know what? I’ve been killing them with kindness lately. Whenever I hear someone saying something, I just go and introduce myself….it shocks the hell out of

Hi Beautiful! Thank you! Yeah I’ve heard about the other videos out. Some of them are just nasty, like the one with the girl with the stick shift in her….um…yeah…I refuse to think I’m the nastiest girl on earth. But yeah there is nothin wrong with being a bitch or calling someone a bitch,especially if you are one….I take it as a

Later Ya’ll!

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