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Music Therapy…

Posted on: February 25, 2008

as ya’ll might know, I’ve been listening to a lot of Lupe lately. It’s kinda like therapy to me, or at least a way to relax. It clears my mind and it gets my juices flowing when it comes to writing. However it doesn’t work when I’m working on an essay or any type of school work…..then it does the complete opposite. But now when I’m just writing here it helps my think. I love his music so much, ever since Food and Liquor. Even though my copy was missing a couple of tracks, I guess I’ll go out and buy it…..

I’ve been on my Marilyn Monroe lately. With my rendition of the famous hairstyle and the ruby red lips,it looks good on me. I can’t be looking like a bum nowadays,because of all that happened I can’t give people another thing to talk about. I mean if I do I want it to be positive,but then again there’s always going to be haters who have something bad to say about you. No matter what you do, you can win the Nobel Peace Prize and people will still have something negative to say about you. A prime example are the comments I get on this blog. With all the positive comments I get from people there is always those one or two people who still think I’m a bad person,or that I’m a hoe and that I deserve what happened to me. When I read those messages it’s kinda like “Yo!Did you even read my entry? Your comment has nothing to do with me entry!” Just want to prove their point that I have nothing to offer to the world when if you really read my posts,or actually have a conversation with me you will know who I really am…..

……but wait a minute though…..why do I care about them? Should I? I mean I’ve been giving a lot of my energy to these negative people when in reality I should be giving that energy to my friends. Why should I stress myself out with what other people think of me? I mean ya’ll can say what ya’ll want, that’s why I don’t sensor my comments in anyway. Even if you wanna talk shit about me, I’ll keep it up because I welcome all comments. I mean if you get out of hand with it I’m going to confront you but I won’t delete it. The only time I did that was yesterday when ol’ girl wanted to post a link to the video. I wish there was a way for me to just edit that out,but I couldn’t so I was forced to delete the whole thing. However,I did repost it in an entry minus the site link…..But other than that, I’m through giving my energy to negative folks, unless you come out of pocket then I’m going to have to confront you,because that’s the person I am. I don’t let people falsely accuse me of something and get away with it,especially if they don’t know me, never had a conversation with me in person, you don’t do that. That’s like someone talking about your mother,and they never met her before and it wasn’t true. You would be pissed right? Exactly! So why would you do it to someone else? If you don’t want it done to someone in your family ,or yourself for that matter, why do it to someone else? I mean I could easily call every girl I see in the club wearing close to nothing a hoe or a slut based upon the way they dress,but I would never do that because I don’t know them personally,never had a conversation with them,so I can’t pass judgment.

Anyway, I need to get ready for ….(all together everyone) Swahili! lol!
Kwaherini! (Bye!)


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