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Ummmm WOW!

Posted on: February 24, 2008

(My comment below…)
I had to post the link so that everyone who hasn’t saw this can, to truly understand where I’m coming from with my statement [opinion]. First of I’d like to say that I do feel sorry that they put this out online. But I can’t say I’m sorry for the backlash. You did acts on this tape that should only be known to you and the person you’re doing these things with. Instead you chose to suck dick and lay down for sex…ON TAPE. (I question your logic at this point) This guy asked you on TAPE, how old you were sucking dick, do you think that information is for the public? Then why answer on camera? then you mention the number of guys who’s dicked you’ve sucked…Oh after that did you NOT hear him say;
“I’m puttin this shit online….. this hoe crazy”
Inwhich you reply
(Laughing) “ARE YOU SERIOUS??”

This guy is also feeding you a bunch of lines to say…and guess who’s dumb enough to say them?? YOU.
“Fuck these hoes”

What makes it ok for him to call you a hoe, on tape. But when other people agree with him on campus you are offended and upset? He called you a BITCH on tape. Does that make it ok for the world you address you that way as well?

Oh not to mention he straight up say THIS IS HOW I DO, I JUST WANTED TO SHOW YA’LL HOW I FUCK THESE HOES.

Was that not the third cue for you to leave? Or did you not pick this up?

So naw boo, I don’t feel sorry for everyone thinkin what they have. If you would have saw this mess you would think the same. I do however feel sorry for you as a person. You are obviously very mislead in life and you don’t have goals or an aim. Do you not think that what you have between your legs is priceless and everyone is not worthy of it?

You’re in college, if you can’t use the little common sense you have, then be book smart or something.

I will pray for you, because I hope this mental abuse you’re putting yourself through called low-self esteem ends with you. I hope that you do not not pass these issues to your children (when you have them at the right time), because then I would sadly weep for our future in Black America.

I stand by anything I have said, If you have a problem [no just you, readers as well] feel free to talk to me. But respectfully I will add.

Theresa Sherri @ SC state on facebook.

-Be strong in knowing that you are who God made you to be, and that was not a HOE.


I just thought I should comment on this comment. Someone who obviously hasn’t been reading my blog,another one of those who just know me from the tape…..I usually ignore this stuff but it’s getting out of hand,so since I’m done with my homework and ain’t got shit else to do I’ll address it here….

OK why would you repost a link to the tape, for everyone else to see? What since does that make? What if it was you would you want someone reposting a video of you,that you didn’t completely consent to getting out all over the net? I really believe that this chick is just out to start drama, I don’t really hang out with chicks who start drama so I can’t really confirm it, just like she assumes that I had sex with those dudes on the video I’m just going to assume that her life isn’t complete without drama.

How the hell is she going to say I don’t have goals or an aim? Once again she is making judgment off of what she has seen on the video ONLY, I bet she didn’t even take the time to read my profile or the post the were written after that post.

Anyway, like I say to everyone who talks like her, they don’t know the full story. They don’t know that this shit was edited. They don’t know the real me, my friends and family know that and that’s all that matter. They know what was going on around the time that I did this,and that I’ve changed since all this happened.

But whatever people are going to think what they want. Only me,God,and my friends know who I am,and that’s all that matters. I’m not trying to put her on blast or anything,just trying to figure out why she would actually repost a link to something that I’m trying to let die down. I’m an advocate for sisterhood,and even though I don’t expect her to be on my side it’s just that it’s doesn’t make since to further degrade your fellow sister like that. I mean if you think that this is degrading and giving black women bad name why make it worse by showing it to the rest of the world?

FYI I deleted the comment,just to get rid of the video link….


2 Responses to "Ummmm WOW!"

You really don’t get it do you? How dare you bring up sisterhood! You brought down so many black women when you decided to make a fool of yourself! Theres no way around it… Even if it was edited what you did was soooo STUPID. I really am worried that you will go on to have children and pass on your beliefs to them. SMH

ok wow! um obvious you don’t get if still believe that I solely brought down a whole race on my own. I didn’t. I believe that just posting in this blog I am helping to up lift all women by showing that you can go through hell and back,and still come out ok and stronger than ever. Ever one does stupid things, you can say you have never did anything that you regret, if so feel free to cast the first stone,because he/she who is without sin cast the first stone………

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