Life of the College Girl

So Much Conflict!!!

Posted on: February 24, 2008

Within the Black race! It’s ridiculous! Why must we attack each other rather than help each other? Regardless of how much money you have, where you grew up, how you grew up,at the end of the day we are all black! Our ancestors were all slaves! I heard many blacks saying that white people are bringing black people down, but in reality we are keeping ourselves down as well.


Ok just got done reading a bit of Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington. Just some thoughts that were running through my head…

I just started back doing my homework, not like I wasn’t doing it before, but I just had an urge to do it. Like to get it done and get it done right. I’ve noticed that my grades just don’t look right in my Theater class,and I know I failed my History test. I need to start stepping up to the plate, my parents didn’t spend all this money just to have me flunk out. I need to get a scholarship,so I have to start focusing more on my work.

I also been thinking about opening my own clothing store. I know it’s going to be hard,but if I start preparing now I can have it up and running my junior year. I want it to be like a high end clothing store, something like Kitson or Lisa Kline,but in Virginia Beach, somewhere downtown or on the beach. They need a store there like that. Someplace that sells more than just True Religion and 7 jeans,I want to sell Dior and Chanel and what not,and some other lines that are usually exclusive to Robertson or Rodeo. I really want to specialize in Heatherette,because whenever I go to find Heatherette jean. they are nowhere to be found,so if I can sell their pieces in my store then I can make sure their jeans are always in stock.

This can also help me pay off some loans and debt I may be in. That is if the business goes well. I may need to start off in a mall,or some strip mall,but with heavy advertising. It has to be in a place where I will have business all year long,so the beach may not be a great place. It has to be in a safe neighborhood,so I guess I won’t put it in Norfolk…lol. So I’m thinking someplace in Virginia Beach or probably Chesapeake. But the way that I visualize the store, it has more of a Va Beach feel to it.

Also, I want my store to be a place where people can come and not feel judged. I hate it when I go into Mac Arthur in a store like Bebe or Coach and they don’t even help me because it doesn’t seem like I’m going to buy anything. Or they watch me like a hawk assuming I’m going to steal something. I want my store to be a happy welcoming place, where if you just want to come in and look around, you can feel free to. I also want to set up lay-a-way. Give my customers 60 days to pay for their stuff. I don’t think many high end stores have that. Actually a lot of stores in general don’t do lay-a-way anymore…..

Anyway, I think my store is going to be the best store in the world, it will have a lot of celebrity traffic,and I will be successful. Now to make my dream a reality!


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