Life of the College Girl

Just Wakin’ Up…..

Posted on: February 23, 2008

I’ve been so tired lately. Weird. Anyway, I’m feeling mad celebrityish right now. I decided to go on another blog,a gossip blog, I like to call it the “Wendy Williams Jr Blog” and this chick is still talking about me, posting pictures and shit. It’s like she doesn’t have a life beyond me. I mean I’m not the one to talk bad about anyone, it’s not in my blood, but geez when there’s atleast 4 posts on your blog dedicated to my life, that’s a lil scary. I mean I understand if I was someone like Hallie Berry, Paris Hilton, etc., but I’m not! She really needs to get a life and get out of mine. Knit a sweater or something, I know she got kids, she need to take care of them rather than be online starting rumors and gossiping and shit…it’s sad because she’s a grown ass woman! My mama age acting like this,it’s ridiculous!!!!

Ok, that’s all the energy that I’m going to dedicate to that today…….

I don’t know why people say that a person can’t change,because they can. Whoever said that was just using that as an excuse to continue doing what they were doing. My friends know who I am,and they know that I’m not that. Yeah I may say some crazy things,but other than that I don’t take it too far…..

Oh yeah and speaking of people who know me,why the hell can’t I go on vacation without people thinking that I’m dropping out? That’s a bunch of bullshit! Why would I leave school because of this? I always wanted to go to a HBCU and if every HBCU knows about this then there is nowhere for me to run even if I wanted to. I rather have the old folk talking about me then going somewhere else and have the new folk talking about me….Plus if I was really leaving, I would of taken more than 2 bags with me you IDIOTS!!! They don’t realize that I’m a SHOPAHOLIC!! If I was leaving 2 bags would only be shoes and hair supplies, I would need a moving company to help me move out of my dorm!!!!

Anyway just needed to get that off my chest, I was supposed to go to laser tag tonight, but I don’t know if I will,or not. Just waiting on a call…


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