Life of the College Girl

I Think I’m over it….

Posted on: February 7, 2008

I;m just over guys,well not all of them,just some. The ones that you call out but they don’t know how to react to it. I’m over thinking that my life’s dream is to be a video vixen(note to self: change profile description). It’s not, my dream is to be an ACTRESS. Maybe I need to focus more on that. When I get to NSU I’m going to minor in that.

I’m over wanting a boyfriend,I really don’t need one. I mean I don’t have one now and life is still going on. I mean I don’t want to be committed to anybody, if I was then I wouldn’t be able to dance on who ever I want at the Speaking of club/parties, I’m going out either this week or next week. I need to let off some I’ve been stressing,worrying,crying,screaming,studying,writing,I just need to let my hair down, or take it!


1 Response to "I Think I’m over it…."

you should read this girl’s article about being a video vixen versus being an actress and about doing certain things on film >>

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