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Hello, my name is Brittani and I have a……

Posted on: February 5, 2008

body image problem. There, I finally admitted it. It took me a while,but I know that now is the time that I should just acknowledge it and try to do something about it. I’m going to start working out more,eating healthier,being more active. I really think I’m bigger than what I am. That my booty isn’t big enough and my tits are way too big but I don’t want to get rid of them. Weird,I know, but it’s the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

But instead of just laying around feeling bad about it,I’m going to do something about it. I already drink a whole lot of water,I have my workout blog that I should be writing in as regularly as I am here. And I was reading on the bulletin board about this exercise thing they’re doing on monday,wednesday,and friday. I should go to that. I need to take this seriously because I know I need to be a certain size for the job I want to do…….


1 Response to "Hello, my name is Brittani and I have a……"

Why do you insist you have a body image problem? You obviously get attention from guys, you look at yourself in the mirror in awe of your beauty. You dont have a body image problem, you have a lustful pig approaching you all the time problem. You need to learn how to resist the temptation to give up your beauty to any and every man who compliments you or ask for your number while only being interested in sex. I am not saying be nun, but train men who approach you to stimulate your mind or BOUNCE. I dated a girl who was the opposite of you. She was a freshmen when we met and she had a self image problem. She slept with this smooth talking guy who gave her a STD. Then we became friends and she was very shy and resisted sex for a whole year while we dated doing none sexual stuff and regular dates throughout chicago. She let that one experience with the jerk turn her into an asexual person, and I got bored and upset at myself for not being sexually attractive to her as a man. She did not make me feel like she desired me enough to break free from her past with that guy, and I just left her alone. She calls me today but I no longer am in love with her and willing to risk being infected by her. even though she is beautiful, has a nice chest, nice body nice face, she never mastered how to reject jerks and reward nice guys. Try making a guy wait for a year. That is plenty of time to get to know a man, and he will give up with the sex talk after a couple of months of getting no action. Then after he goes a couple of months not asking your for sex, and you trust him knock his socks off and reward him when he least expect it. I have no clue why you claim your not attractive and you got all these guys hunting you down, asking you out, and bothering you. I know ugly people, and sometimes I fit that category and I if I got women always trying to sleep with me it makes no sense to be having self image issues.

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