Life of the College Girl

Performing a Story……

Posted on: February 1, 2008

So I have to perform a story in Theater next Friday,don’t know what though. It has to be a play on The 3 Little Pigs. So I don’t know what to write about, I mean one of my group mates have some ideas,but I want have one too. I was think about doing one about cheerleading,but it won’t work,sooooooooo I’m thinking about writing one about something else. Probably about my sisters and that dude that we don’t like,better known as my moms boyfriend. Something about a liquor store and robbing him in the parking lot…lol. That would be mint!!! I’ll write in after Swahili,did I say that I loved Swahili today? Well I do. Why is there a red line under cheerleading like it’s not a word. I’m working with Mozilla and you know how they like to correct your spelling,but dang, cheerleading is a word! Damn 1st you don’t want it to be a sport,now it’s not a word?

Now that’s it’s in my mind, Cheerleading is too a sport! One of the most dangerous sports actually. Think about they doing flips,tossing people in the air,and all without pads or a helmet. Some cheerleading teams work harder than football teams,I want to cheer for Morgan,but there is no type of tumbling gym nowhere in this area. Does Baltimore even have an Competition team. See where I’m from we have like 5,but only 2 are well known, Fame and VA Wild. VA Wild wanted me to cheer for them,but it just cost way too much. Plus I don’t really like showing my stomach. But when I go back home I’m just going to start training for tryout,either at Morgan or NSU. I have a better chance of getting on the team at NSU though,but I still think that after a summer or so of working out and getting my cheerleading muscle back,I could take somebody’s spot at Morgan too…lol.

But for real I’m competitive like that. I give my all at any audition that I go to. I may come off as shy but when I’m in that audition room or performing,a whole nother person comes out. My old cheerleading coach used to call her Marilyn,but I’m changing her name to Claudette I love that name! I’m so changing my Facebook name to that.

You know who I haven’t talk about in a while? Troy Smith,my future husband…lol. I’m going to stalk him,not really. He’ll think I’m crazy. But I do want to meet him though,he seems like cool people. Maybe if I had a car I would have a better chance,might see him at Wal-Mart or something…lol. I want to meet Ted Ginn jr. too. I want to know if he has any family in VA,because he really looks like a Virginia boy. Maybe Va Beach,or Chesapeake,somewhere in the 7 cities. He reminds me of Percy Harvin aaaaaaalot! Let me find out that’s his cousin…lol. I would stalk him……I really need to stop saying that,because one of them might just run across this and might get a restraining order put on me or something….lol! Hopefully when I become famous I’ll meet them. Me and Troy will be like Jay-z and Beyonce,the only difference is that Troy is cute. I’m not lying,everbody knows that Jay-z only looks good from the lips down,and he got a nice voice..I love his voice. I would want to be Beyonce for one day,when she’s in a whole different country from Jay,just so I can hear his voice on the phone…just as long as he doesn’t send any picture messages……..

… be continued


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