Life of the College Girl

Now the Conclusion of Performing a Story….

Posted on: February 1, 2008

So yeah I was talking about Jay-z right and him sending me picture messages. Yeah,please don’t. But anyways,it is raining like crazy here,very gloomy,but I guess I go to the student center and chill with my friends for a bit. There is this one guy in my circle of friends who,well, isn’t really that cool with me. He doesn’t speak to me and when I’m talking to him he ignores me. I assume he’s a football player,but that’s really rude. How the hell you going be around some people and just pick and choose who you’re going to speak to. That’s not right,but hey maybe he wasn’t taught the same way as I was. A lot of people are like that though. I noticed that,like I’m polite and I speak to everybody,but they just look at me like I got 2 heads,I mean it’s only polite. I might talk to him about it today. I’m in a bold mood today,I’m just going to ask him why. Hell he might just ignore me like he usually does and then I’ll just be like fine,don’t talk to me then……..but I know in a few years he’s going to regret it…..

So I’m talking to this dude one Facebook,but I don’t know who he is. We been writing through Honesty Box. I had a question up asking why I was still single,and he obviously answered it…lol,but he answered it too well. I wonder who he is,because he’s really giving me some good advice. I wish I knew who he was…..I hope he’s cute…….joking!

But for real, I can’t find a dude,geez what the hell am I doing wrong? Am I hanging with the wrong crowd? Or maybe I’m too quiet,or,to the people who see me in the student center,too loud and out there. Or maybe they think that dude I’m always hanging around is my boyfriend. Well HE’S NOT!!! I already know what his agenda is with me. I couldn’t date him. I mean I can’t even have a conversation with him with him referring to my thighs,chest,or other things atleast 4 to 5 times. Oh and don’t let me answer the phone when he calls, that’s all he want to talk about! I don’t have phone sex,and no I don’t get wet over that! I mean can we talk about something more than that for more than 5 minutes? Even when I try,he always goes to that,and I hate that shit because he is just making it obvious that I’m nothing more than a sex toy to him. So why do I still hang out with him? Because he is in my circle of friends. Not chilling with him will mean that I would have to quit talk to all my friends all together,and I don’t wanna do that. But hey it’s a new month, I can change a bit,not let him get the best of me. I’ll go over there but nothing will happen,promise. Not that anything does,but still I’m just going to be me.

I need to start being the me that lives in my head,the one that types up here everyday. I need to quit being shy and just say whats on my mind. Being more straight forward,and stop trying to be so damn sexy! I mean I’m trying to be something that I already am,but I’m trying to push it on to people. I need to stop doing that,I mean I know I have boobs,they know I have boobs,maybe I should quit talking about them…lol


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