Life of the College Girl


Posted on: January 30, 2008

I really don’t have a set thing to talk about. I just sitting here waiting for 10:30 so I can go to my Swahili and see the fb guy who I swear up and down that I don’t have a crush on,but in actuality,I do. I mean I was on a date with another dude and we went to see the Great Debaters and I couldn’t keep a straight face because the dude in the movie looked just like him. But he’s cool people though,I don’t see us being more than friends because I really don’t see myself in a relationship with him,plus I think he has a girlfriend. But he is hot.

You know what else is hot? The Flavor in ya Ear remix,which I listening to right now. This is my shit! I love old school hip hop,would you call this old school though,because I was like 6 when this came out. I guess it’s old school. Now I’m listening to Mimi. My playlist is way too diverse,but that’s a good thing. I love all kinds of music,maybe after this,because I have it on random,I might hear some fallout boys,or digital underground,or maybe some Christina Aguilera. But this song I’m listening to,after like 2 or 3 years is finally getting on my nerves. The remix to Say Somethin’,ever since I found my Emancipation of Mimi cd the original is my shit! I’m not really into any of the rap that’s out right now. Most of it is dumb now,they ain’t talkin about nothin. Well except Kanye,Common,and Lupe. I go back to R&B because people like Soulja Boy,music is just getting dumber and dumber. I listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers now. They never get old,NEVER!!!!!! I wonder if I got anymore of their stuff on my playlist.

Yeah I do,but it’s just Stadium Arcadium stuff. I need old school Peppers. But anyway new paragraph. I’m so bored. It is so windy outside!!! I mean it pushed me off the sidewalk walking from class. It’s not even really cold,just windy as hell. Can’t stand Baltimore weather, I need to come back home. I miss home. I really do. I mean I am going to miss my friends here and being only one of 2 people from Da Beach,one of like 7 from HR,but atleast I’ll have my car when I’m home and I can go places. Go to Mt. Trashmore and run,I’ll be healthier home If I stay away from fast food. Plus I could a job. I really am trying to get 2 jobs for the summer. One in retail and the other as a waitress at a resturant. I wanna make bank!!!

Ok I’m done rambling….


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