Life of the College Girl

I Love Myself Too Much

Posted on: January 28, 2008

I think I’m conceited, I mean I spend so much time looking at myself in the mirror. Like my theater class was held in a dance room with all these mirror and although it looked as though I was paying attention to the teacher,I was actually looking at myself.

Speaking of that class, I noticed that the guy didn’t say anything to me. Great! Because now I know what he really only wanted me for. If that wasn’t true then he would of apologized for his actions. But he’s too arrogant for that,so I think that our relationship is over…lol. I didn’t really like him anyway.

Speaking of classes in general, I think that I may be getting kicked out my Wednesday, not because I’m going to get in trouble but because my 10 days will be up,and I don’t think the money my mom was supposed to be getting is in yet. I didn’t even think to ask my dad about what he’s doing about it. I should ask if he heard from the loan company yet. I don’t know why I don’t like asking him for things. Maybe it’s a mind thing. I don’t like asking men for anything,and I guess that includes my father. I really need to get over that,maybe make up for lost time.

Lupe Fiasco really helps to get the juices flowing. I love his new album The Cool, but my favorite song by him is always going to be Real Recognize Real (which I thought was on this page but I guess that after I change my layout it went away. I’mma put it back up soon). I love that song so much. Almost as much as I love myself…! You like how brought it back around huh? Lol….let me get ready for my Swahili class.



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