Life of the College Girl

1st day of class….

Posted on: January 23, 2008

My first day of class was great! Even though I only had 2 classes today,theater and swahili, I really love it. I met a guy today. He’s in my theater class and is really sweet and accomplished. I took a look at his acting resume and it was outstanding. I was so nervous talking to him because this year I wasn’t focused on finding a guy, I was focused on my work. BTW I did break it off with the dude I had back in VA, he started acting funny so I broke with him before he got a chance to cheat on me.

My Swahili class was slightly boring. I paid attention enough to write notes and learn some swahili words. I want to be fluent in swahili though,like to the point that I can curse someone out in

Anyways, my classes start at 8 in the morning tomorrow. Why? I have know idea, must have been smokin,because I really don’t think I can get into glam/rocker mode that early in the morning. Then again I did wake up at 7:40 today and was able to put it on,so if I guess waking up a lil earlier won’t hurt. After all, I look just as good not all made up as I do made up so it won’t matter. I just hope there’s no football players in my Sociology class….


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